Shake Shoppe under new ownership

By Frank Lewis

Standing in front of the Shake Shoppe in New Boston – left to right – Ciera Davis, owners Kathy and Thom Davis, New Boston Councilman Mike Payton and Julie Allen.

Few businesses can be called landmarks but Thom and Kathy Davis own one. The Shake Shoppe on Gallia Street in New Boston has been there about as far back as anyone can remember.

“Some elderly man that comes in daily said he has been coming here since he was a little boy in 1948 when they built it,” Kathy Davis said.

Kathy and Thom purchased the company on Jan. 9 from Karen and Randy Pelphrey.

“This came open and my husband said – ‘hey, I bought you something,’” Davis said.

Serving up good food is nothing new the Kathy Davis.

“I’ve always been in the restaurant business. I’ve always managed, like Giovanni’s up in Franklin Furnace,” Kathy Davis said. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I like cooking and the food industry and I recently quit my job. The opportunity came and we ran with it.”

Kathy Davis said she has not changed the menu much.

‘The only thing we really changed, they had onion rings and we brought onion chips,” Kathy Davis said. “I brought on hoagies. Everything else, the recipe for the hot dog sauce, and the pork and beef and all the others stayed the same.”

What may be welcomed most by the community is the fact that the Shake Shoppe will be open year ‘round, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“I brought my family with me,” Kathy Davis said. “They’re all working here.”

How has the reception from the community been?

“It has been great. You have your slow days like your cold days,” Kathy Davis said. “The citizens of New Boston have really been great. I’m well impressed. We’ve gotten several great feedbacks on it and they’re excited that we’re open year ‘round.”

New Boston Village Councilman Mike Payton was on hand to welcome the Davises to New Boston.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the American Dream and New Boston is proud to have the Shake Shoppe continuing in our business family,” Payton said. “Small business families making good.”

Davis said her dream is to build a new building in five years.

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