Area garden club news


Area Garden Clubs, in conjunction with the Scioto County Fair Board, will present two separate, unique flower shows for the 2015 county fair. The first show will open on Monday afternoon, August 10. The second show will be presented on Thursday afternoon, August 13. Both shows will follow the current rules of the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs for floral design. Since a floral design show is a competitive environment, it is important that everyone have the specific specifications for the two shows August 10th and 13th.

The theme for the 2015 Scioto County Fair Flower show will be “Music Through the Decades”. Entry to the shows is open to everyone and will be judged for awards by approved judges from the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs. Each show will feature specific designs. Any designer wishing to participate in either show may contact Carolyn Wilcox a (740) 776-4453, to register.


REGISTRATION: Entries for all senior and junior artistic design classes must be mailed or phoned in or before July 25 to: Carolyn Wilcox, 514 Coriell Road, Portsmouth, OH 45662. Phone: 740 776-4453.

ARTISTIC DESIGN ENTRIES: Artistic design classes for Monday, MUST BE STAGED BY 11:00 A.M. Monday. Artistic design classes for Thursday, MUST BE STAGED BY 11:00 A.M. Thursday. The exhibitor must be the creator of all artistic designs. An exhibitor may make only one entry per artistic design class, with a maximum of 6 per show. For Senior Artistic Design Classes 32 – 35 and 41 – 44, backgrounds (vertical placement) will be furnished by the committee as specified in the schedule. Exhibitors are permitted to use only these backgrounds furnished by the committee. EXCEPTIONS: Class 37, 46 do not have backgrounds. You must provide your own backgrounds. Exhibitors are urged to use adequate plant materials so that the artistic exhibit has good horticultural value. All plant material used in artistic design classes must be listed on a special card provided by the committee at the entry table and must accompany the design. Painted or artificially colored line material within artistic designs is permitted but used at exhibitor’s own discretion. Bases, mats, figurines and accessories may be used in all artistic design classes unless specified. Painted or artificially colored fresh plant material is never permitted. NO artificial foliage, flowers, fruits etc. may be used. The exhibitors’ hall will be cleared by 11:00 A.M. and all exhibitors who have not entered by that time will not be permitted to exhibit. Both the Monday show and the Thursday show will be judged by OAGC accredited judges. Judging will be by the standard system and oral judging begins at 12:30 p.m. Best of Show Awards 1, 2, and 3 will be given in the senior artistic design classes. Best of Show Awards 1,2,3,4 and 5 will be given in the senior horticulture classes. Best of Show awards will be given in the container-grown plant classes, junior horticulture classes, and junior artistic classes. The Award of Distinction for artistic design will be given in each show. An entry’s placement as Best of Show (1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th) will not preclude its selection for one or more of the special awards. 2015 Designer Tip: An odd number of flowers in an arrangement creates visual balance.


Section IV JUNIOR Artistic Design “COMING TO AMERICA”. Designer’s Choice. Neil Diamond 1980, Background: Lime Green – Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd $4.00, 3rd $3.00, 4th ribbon.

Section V Senior Artistic:

A Tisket A Tasket”: A small traditional Design from 5” to 12” Ella Fitzgerald 1938. Staged in a 12” white cubical. (Four of Eight will be classified, Novice Only. “Buttons and Bows”: A Miniature Design not to exceed 5” in any direction, Dinah Shore 1948. Staged on a wooden shelf. “Twist and Shout”: A Synergistic Design. Beatles 1963. Background: Soft Pink, 32”x48”, “Man in the Mirror”: Reflective Design. Michael Jackson 1988. Background: Chartreuse. 26” x 42”. “I Get Around”: Designer’s Choice. Beach Boys 1964. Background: Lt. Blue. 26” x 42”,. “Sneaky Snake”: Creative Horizontal. Tom T Hall 1974. Background: Orange. 32” x 48”. “

Breakfast At Tiffany’s “: Breakfast Tray. Deep Blue Something 1995. Staged on a 30” round x 29 ½ “ tall table. Designer provides the tablecloth and tray.

“Oklahoma” Designer’s Choice. (Special Class) Richard Rogers 1943. Designer provides own background. Design not to exceed a width of 36”.

DESIGNS for Thursday, August 13: Theme “MUSIC THROUGH THE DECADES ”

Section VI JUNIOR Artistic Design “Fly Me To the Moon”. Designer’s Choice. OPEN CLASS Frank Sinatra, 1964. Background: Lime Green – Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd $4.00, 3rd $3.00, 4th ribbon only.

Section VII SENIOR Artistic: “Here Comes the Sun”: Beatles 1969. A Small Choice Design from 5”-12” staged in a 12” white cubicle. “Catch Us If You Can” Dave Clark Five 1965. A Miniature Design not to exceed 5” in any direction, staged on a wooden shelf. “The Phantom of the Opera”: Designer’s Choice. Andrew Lloyd Weber 1986. Background: Soft Pink 32” x 48”. “I Want To Hold Your Hand”: Satellite Design. Beatles 1963. Background: Chartreuse 26” x 42”. “Sound of Music”: Transparency Design, Julie Andrews 1955. Background: Lt. Blue, 26”x42”. “Puff the Magic Dragon”: Creative Design, Peter, Paul, & Mary 1963. Background: Orange. 32” x 48”. “Tea for Two” Designer’s Choice. Tommy Dorsey 1958.. Staged on a 30” round by 29 ½” tall table. Exhibitor must provide table cover. “Born to be Wild”: Op Art Design (SPECIAL CLASS.) Steppenwolf 1967. Designer provides own background. Design not to exceed 36” in width

Section VIII Educational Exhibit: “Buckeye Battle Cry”: Frank Crumit 1924. Buckeyes: Portsmouth Garden Club. Section IX Invitational Exhibit: “Garden Song” John Denver 1979. An exhibition Garden with contributions from members of all Garden Clubs under the guidance of Wooten Landscaping.


A club auction was featured at the June meeting of the Lucasville Garden Club. Mary McClary was a guest, as the club met at Giovanni’s.

Joan Adaway presided at the business meeting, and received reports from both the Secretary and Treasurer. Linda Scott advised that Lucasville Garden Club is now on Facebook and members were encouraged to check out the page for pictures relating to the club. Reports were given concerning the summer planting at the RT 23 gardens. Selection of plants and designs were discussed, and a duty roster was assembled.

Members were advised to participate in the Scioto County Fair Flower Show and Fair duties were assigned. The horticulture specimen award was given to Coleen Crabtree for her beautiful “Bear Breech” (Acanthus mollis).

The club will participate in the Region 10 Garden Tour for the July meeting.


Scioto County was the site for Region 10 July Garden Tours on July 9. Three counties are participating in tours: Lawrence, Scioto, and Pike. The July tour was well attended and began at the home of Eva Worley in Rubyville. Worley maintains a beautifully manicured, shade garden filled with hostas and other shady loving plants, providing a pleasant start to a long day of touring.

The tour moved to Minford, and lunch at the Skyline Restaurant before proceeding to the Wilcox gardens in the Sunshine neighborhood. Carolyn, her husband Hayes, and grandson Spencer greeted guests. The Wilcox gardens cover acres of ground and are varied as to theme. She has a wonderful herb garden, with a wrought iron Armillary sphere as the center focus, and a lovely shady garden near a stream, which features hostas and a footbridge. Her backyard garden has a waterfall centerpiece and contains all perennials. This area leads to a pergola, bordered with a picket fence. Wilcox also has a unique butterfly garden and within all these areas she has incorporated artistic pieces of interesting wood. A golf cart was available for the outlying areas, and a six-foot desert buffet was provided in her open-air barn.

The next garden was tended by Maxine Munn on Dixon Mill Rd. She and her granddaughter invited the tour to enjoy her hillside garden. Munn has a mysterious, secret garden and one enters through a heavy iron gate. She and her late husband, Robert have created a mature garden with many unique, handmade birdhouses and plants to encourage butterflies. Her beautiful goldfish pond features three tiers.

The garden of Diane Michaels is now tended, in her memory by her husband, Pete. He reminded the tour that she was the better gardener. A centerpiece of the garden is a gorgeous white rose, that Diane planted for Pete, in honor of one of his hospice patients. Her beautiful water garden, features a two -tier waterfall, 4 feet tall complete with tropical fish and a gazebo area, where beverages were provided. It was easy to feel her essence in her garden and everyone appreciated his hospitality.


Shanna Henson presided at the July meeting of Portsmouth Garden Club, at Lake Hope. Lake Hope is part of Ohio’s Park System and is located in Vinton County. The lake covers 120 acres, and is surrounded by the Zaleski State Forest. After the short drive to the park, members had lunch in the park restaurant and conduct a short business meeting.

All Ohio parks are well maintained and a joy to visit, however the Lake Hope area boasts an afternoon of Hummingbird feeding. On specific days at 1:00 PM visitors gather on the porch and receive instructions and a vial of nectar from the park ranger. Visitors, young, old and in-between sit quietly with the vial of nectar in hand, and wait for incoming flyers. The hummingbirds understand the drill, and arrive to flutter at the feeding stations held by spell-bound visitors. Portsmouth Garden Club participated and enjoyed this unusual event, observing a young man of about five, holding his busy feeding station with wide-eyed wonder.


April showers to July showers… gardeners in Slocum Garden Club are preparing to exhibit their specimens at the Scioto County Fair Flower Shows on August 10 and 13. The hope of bringing home a “best of show” looks promising thanks to the constant rains.

On July 9 members joined other Region 10 clubs to visit the gardens of Ohio Association of Garden Club members, Maxine Munn, Carolyn Wilcox, Diana Michaels and Eva Wolery. All the gardens were filled to the brim with every flower found in Southern Ohio. Inspired by these gardens, members proceeded on July 10 to the “Lilly Fest” in Rockbridge, Ohio. This annual festival is staged on three acres of ponds, paths, and statuary, along with

hundreds of lilies in full bloom. The hybridizing of lilies guarantees the continued range of color, shapes and strong constitution of the plant.

Cynthia Lucius, co-owner of Amity Abloom in Hilliard, Ohio recently shared trends in lily production with Diane Lockwood, a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch. In an article published July 12, Lucius stated that the new hot color for lilies is green (i.e. Yuletide Magic, a bright red with green throat). Another popular lily trend is Watermark, (i.e. the center color appears faded). Bi-tones are popular, (i.e. three petals are one color and the sepals another). “A Few Good Men” represents the trend of two colored ruffled edges, (i.e. purple and light peach – accented with gold edges). New also are lilies with tall stems called scapes. The blooms of “Big Bird” are carried atop a 52”scape. It’s hard to miss this stunning yellow beauty.

President Teresa Book encouraged new members to enter the novice class at the Scioto County Fair Flower Show, with an eye to winning the Doyle Award, sponsored by the Doyle family, to the 1st place winner in this class. Novice class is open only to those who have never won a 1st place award in a Scioto County Fair flower show. All members were encouraged to participate in both the artistic and horticultural junior and senior divisions.

Slocum will join Portsmouth Garden Club in hosting the Region 10 Ohio Association of Garden Club’s Fall Meeting October 15 at the SOMC Friend’s Center. The clubs are developing a program around a theme, “Fall Into Color”.

Garden Therapy activities for the month concentrated on site beautification at Adult Daily Living, Best Care in Wheelersburg and in preparing their herbs for the Scioto County Fair.

The July tip was to deadhead repeat bloomers to keep them looking their best. The club’s current program year ends in September. October will see a new slate of officers and a new schedule of programs, so it is a great time to join. In October, we begin our new program year at the Wheat Ridge Herb and Farm Festival in Adams County.

Plan to visit the Scioto County Fair’s Flower Shows on August 10 and 13 to be inspired. Call 776-3267 for more information.