VA most commonly asked Q and A

Question: How do I register for the VA’s Ebenefits site and what can I see and do on that site?


Signing Up for eBenefits:

Set up a “Basic Account” online at

To get a “Premium Account,” call 1(800) 827-1000, option 1, then 7 to get an e-Benefits Representative. They will verify your:

  • SSN or Claim #
  • Branch of Service
  • DOB
  • Bank Account Number where benefits deposited
  • Amount of last deposit
  • Rating
  • Address
  • Phone

The Representative will ask for information from two forms of Government ID

Premium accounts are for those currently receiving Compensation, Pension, or Education benefits. (past benefits don’t qualify). Upgrades to Premium are done via phone, and rather efficiently once connected.

What eBenefits can do for you:

Once you obtain your Premium Level access, here are some examples of information you can access on the eBenefits website at no cost to you. You may:

  • Learn more about VA benefits: disability, home loans, education, and health benefits
  • Apply for compensation or pension
  • Update your contact information for compensation, pension or education benefits
  • Learn the current status of your pending claim or appeal
  • See your VA payment history
  • Generate letters such as civil service preference, benefits, or service verification letters
  • Search for employment
  • Manage your dependent’s information
  • Obtain a Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility
  • Request your DD-214 and other military records
  • Transfer your Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits
  • View your TRICARE health information
  • Request state benefits information