Mirabello book to be published

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio – Mark Mirabello PhD, Professor of History at Shawnee State University, will publish a new book titled Death and Other Worlds: A Skeleton Key.

Death and Other Worlds: A Skeleton Key is about death, the trek of souls, other worlds, the techniques used to access those worlds, specters and ghosts and the methods to communicate with the dead. The book focuses on the unusual and the interesting, and the material is drawn from all times and cultural traditions.

“Death and Other Worlds: A Skeleton Key required eight years of intensive research and a few decades of general reading,” Mirabello said. “I focused on interesting or unusual concepts about the afterlife. My aim was judicious selection rather than exhaustive coverage, since approximately 3,500 “known societies” have existed on Earth. There are no dogmas in this book, simply fragments of ideas gathered from many cultures across time and space.”

The book will be published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company, a large press company with eleven imprints and 1600 titles in print.

“This book is my fourth and serving as a professor of history at SSU has made that achievement possible. Most universities encourage scholars to write peer-reviewed journal articles, but I like writing for the educated general reader, and at SSU, I am able to write such books and earn tenure and promotion,” said Mirabello.

Mirabello’s book will appear on shelves mid-2016.