City to consider additional funds for multi-use path

By Frank Lewis

Portsmouth City Manager Derek K. Allen is asking the city to amend the agreement the city has with Poggemeyer Design Group for the design of the multi-use path from Alexandria Point along Front Street and behind Shawnee State University to Offnere Street.

In the 2014 capital improvement budget $25,000 was allotted for the project. It was not used. Subsequently, in 2015, another $25,000 was added to the $25,000 carried over, for a total of $50,000 in the 2015 budget.

On Feb. 23, 2016 an agreement was signed with Poggemeyer Design Group for $33,300 to design the path. In 2016 City Council passed an ordinance authorizing the city manager to execute an application to the Ohio Department of Transportation to receive funding for construction. Allen said there were $41 million worth of construction projects submitted for what amounted to $11 million in available funds. The city’s project did not get funded.

Allen says the city will continue to pursue the project and continue to try to obtain funding. To add to the situation, there have been a couple of design obstacles that have required more work by the consultant. Those obstacles have dealt with issues involving the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and fitting the path on city property behind SSU.

Allen said the original contract amount was $33,300. A previous amendment was approved for $3,500. He said a final amendment of $20,761.90 is required to complete the project and because the amendment exceeds the original $50,000 authorized by City Council, he is requesting approval of the amendment and appropriation of $20,761.90 from Capital Improvement Fund 301.

The new contract sum including the contract agreement is now $57,561.90.

Jason Kester, Executive Director of the Southern Ohio Port Authority said SOPA executed a separate agreement with Poggemeyer for $20,000 for a topographical survey, soil borings, and other prelim site work for redesign of Alexandria Point and connecting the Point to Second Street by way of a multi-use path.

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