Allen: multi-way stop not going to happen

Portsmouth City Manager Derek K. Allen says the city is not in the business of installing unwarranted traffic control devices and that’s what he believe a proposed multi-way stop at Grandview Avenue and Dorman Drive would be.

Fifth Ward Councilman Gene Meadows is calling for a multi-way stop at that intersection, but Allen says the city has a policy of not erecting unwarranted traffic control devices due to the liability doing so can cause.

Allen said the city adheres to the Uniform Manual of Traffic Control Devices and Section 2B.07 of that manual states the decision to install a multi-way stop control should be based on an engineering study. It also sets up the criteria for installing such a device. Among the criteria are – “Where traffic control signals are justified, the multi-way stop is an interim measure that can be installed quickly to control traffic while arrangements are being made for the installation of the traffic control signal.”

Allen said that subsection is not applicable because the city of Portsmouth is not considering the installation of a traffic signal at that location.

Another criteria is that “Five or more reported crashes in a 12-month period that are susceptible to correction by a multi-way stop installation. Such crashes include right-turn and left-turn collisions as well as right-angle collisions.”

Allen said review of the accident history for the intersection resulted in the discovery of one traffic accident in 2013. He said there were no other accidents in 2013, none in 2014, none in 2015, none in 2016 and none so far in 2017./

Allen cited several other subsections of the manual and came to the conclusion that from viewing traffic patterns the warrant is not going to be met.

“Because the city of Portsmouth does not have three traffic counters, either traffic counters would have to be purchased or contracted for by an engineering firm,” Allen said. “Traffic volumes will not satisfy this warrant.”

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