Fluor-BWXT and employees donate to needs in the community

By Frank Lewis


The ups and downs that go along with the instability of the jobs situation at the Department of Energy site at Piketon has not kept their employees from sowing their all-out support for the surrounding communities. To throw figures like assisting 32,029 neighbors with an astounding $315.3 million, since 2012 would be an over-simplification of the community outreach efforts of Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth, the U.S. Department of Energy and the other companies at the DOE Portsmouth Site in Piketon have been involved in.

Jason Lovins, public affairs/communications manager for Fluor-BWXT, maintains a community commitment plan to support the surrounding communities.

“Since our last update in October, Fluor-BWXT and our employees have helped the community through Christmas giving programs that reached nearly 4,000 children,” Lovins said. “This effort includes hundreds of volunteer hours, donations from many generous employees and $15,000 gift from the Fluor Foundation.

A glance at their new community commitment plan dashboard shows a $5.3 million in regional spending and $150,000 in business opportunity grants. When categories are broken down, in 2016 donations of $112,150 went to United Way; miscellaneous donations of $160,000 were made; $4,500 was donated to the Pike County Relay for Life and $15,000 went to the Fluor Foundation. The Feds Feed Families program fed families to the tune of 8,733 pounds of food.

Christmas gifts were provided for 3,043 children and 729 children in 301 families were aided by their efforts through the Pike County Childrens Christmas Fund.

In addition, employees volunteered 14,564 hours of time and employees made 29 mutual aid runs.

“This is very much a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our Portsmouth Site family,” Lovins said. “The employees at the Portsmouth Site demonstrate their effort to give back to their communities through these activities, volunteering their personal time and financial support for those less fortunate in so many ways. These numbers are very powerful in showing how caring our workforce culture is and the many people in our region who are affected by that outreach.”

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