Professor Anthony Dzik publishes new Greenland Article


Anthony Dzik, Professor of Geography at Shawnee State University, has published a new article titled, Settlement Closure or Persistence: A Comparison of Kangeq and Kapisillit, Greenland.

Dzik’s new article examines the history and cultural differences from the two areas in Greenland over time. Using separate theories and knowledge, He examines as to why some areas had assistance from the previous colonial government, and then stopped receiving assistance before the shift to independent governing. Dzik investigates such difference between the two areas through the concepts of site and situation.

“My research in Greenland is still ongoing. I will be visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site in Ilulissat in April to research how increasing tourism is affecting the town. This work is all part of a book of mine that is in progress and it will focus on the settlement geography of Greenland,” Dzik said.

Dzik has published several other articles with Greenland as his main topic such as, “Complementary of Site and Situation: A Case Study of Kulusuk, East Greenland” and “Three Kilometers & Three Centuries: Modernization and Cultural Landscape of Kulusuk Island, East Greenland.” He also recently published his new book titled, Greenland in Climographs, which introduces the various local and regional climates of Greenland.