Births at SOMC

July 14

Shawn Scherer and Tiffany Shepherd of West Portsmouth, son

December 1

Steven spradlin and Haley Haywood of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

December 2

Mr. and Mrs. Dylan and Paige Levier of Waverly, son

Tiffany Cox of Lucasville, son

Kayla Munion and Ryan Munion of Wheelersburg, daughter

Ethan and Shyla Michael of Oak Hill, son

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua and Amber VanSickle of Portsmouth, daughter

December 5

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Spencer, son

Cody Lee Ross and Dakota Rothwell of West Union, son

December 6

April White of Portsmouth, son

Brooklyn Jenkins of Lucasville, daughter

Kaila Hudson and Corey Billiter of Wheelersburg, son

December 7

Brooklyn Moore and Anthony Lowe of Portsmouth, daughter

Dasia Kennedy and Termaine Hudson of Portsmouth, daughter

December 8

Richelle Bowman of Portsmouth, daughter

December 9

Kyle Blanton and Miranda Sargent of Hamden, daughter

Shiann Lowman of Latham, son

December 10

Mr. and Mrs. Greene of New Boston, son

December 11

Whitney Lambert and C.. Tally of Latham, son

Gerald Polzin and Lindsey Kilgore of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

December 13

Victoria Alley of Portsmouth, son

Christen McKenzie and Terry McKenzie of Portsmouth, daughter

Ashley Furner and Michael Furner of Lucasville, son

December 15

Randell and Kaylyn Hammonds of Lucasville, daughter

Bruce and Ivie Certain of Waverly, son

Tamela McClaskey of Lucasville, daughter

December 16

Hannah Ramey of South Webster, daughter

Caleb and Anna-Catherine LaFond of Ironton, daughter

Christopher and Amber Hedge of Lucasville, son

Martin Clark and Kourtney Loar of Portsmouth, daughter

December 17

James and Sasha Carver of Lucasville, daughter

December 19

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Kari Evans of Lucasville, daughter

Keely Taylor of Portsmouth, daughter

Mariah Dowdy and Tyler Clarke of Wheelersburg, son

Jason Craig and Ashley Riley of New Boston, son

Lacie Helton and Ryan Shoemaker of McDermott, son

December 20

Hollie Mangus and Garry Weaver of Portsmouth, son

December 21

Amanda Purcell and Seth Brocato of Portsmouth, daughter

Jason Phillips and Becca Phillips of Portsmouth, daughter

Jacob and Rachel Baer of Wheelersburg, son

December 22

Natosha Blanton and Josh Frye Jr. of West Portsmouth, daughter

Bryan Damron Jr. and Maddison Weaver of Franklin Furnace, daughter

December 25

Heather Rachelle Breech of Lucasville, son

December 26

Josh and Christina Rickards of New Boston, son

Tiffani Gerike and Blake Gerike of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

Alexus Howard of Portsmouth, daughter

December 27

Samantha Amber Adams of Portsmouth, daughter

Kyaalae Akers and Billy Akers of West Portsmouth, son

Robert and Brittany Moore of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

Ashley and Jeff Sutton of Beaver, son

December 28

Angel Longmire and Justin Royce of Portsmouth, son

Derek Leeth and Sharanna Leeth of Waverly, daughter

Josh Holsinger and Amanda Clark of South Shore (Ky.), son

Angie Moore and Nick Hughes of Portsmouth, daughter

December 29

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith III of Portsmouth, daughter

Holly Tomlin and Billy Fields of Beaver, daughter

Kayla Bell and Dustin Stover of West Portsmouth, son

Kalah Menear of Chillicothe, daughter

Taylor Beatty of Waverly, daughter

December 30

Charlie and Misty Branham of Wheelersburg, daughter

December 31

Kevin and Brandi Banks of Waverly, son

January 1

Alexis Danielle Gee and Richard Lee Bolda of New Boston, daughter

Heather Nesbit and Stanley Miller of Wheelersburg, daughter

January 2

Jarrod Fyffe and Darlene Marks of Beaver, son

Tyler Stevens and Katherine Lewis of New Boston, son

Ashleigh Bender and Jeffrey Miller of Portsmouth, son

Kirstyn Maynard and Ryan Mershon of Portsmouth, daughter

Tara Craft and Eric Whitby of Portsmouth, son

January 3

Shaine Osborn and Casey Winn of Minford, daughter

Casey Strawser and Emily Estep of Waverly, son

John Haskins and Heather Walburn of Wheelersburg, son

Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Melissa Moore of Oak Hill, daughter

January 4

Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Angie McCormick of Wheelersburg, son

Tierra Blair of Waverly, daughter

Shawn and Sarah Rothwell of Portsmouth, daughter

January 5

Scott and Donna Lute of Sciotoville, son

Amy Henson of Otway, son

January 6

Taysha Damron and Christopher Kleinman of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. David Felty of Reynoldsburg, daughter

Bub Witten and Samantha Rister of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

January 7

Samantha Crawford and Brett Grooms of West Union, son

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Michaela Harris of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

January 8

Chad Dunn and Jamie Johnson of Portsmouth, daughter

Becky and Craig Barnett of Waverly, daughter

January 9

Johnny and Shannon Osborne of Otway, son