Church providing warmth

Members of the church distributing donated items in Tracy Park.

In December members of the Lucasville Community of Christ, spent a portion of an afternoon, chasing the chill out of Tracy Park in Portsmouth.

The group spent their time hanging donated items inside the park. The intention of the group was for the homeless or those needing a coat to find them and give them new life.

Along with the coats the church collected scarves and gloves to go along with the coats for the homeless to find warmth as the days and nights get colder and colder.

Jhnoda Gregory, Pastor of Lucasville Community of Christ said in total there were roughly 70 coats, sweatshirts, gloves and hats were passed out to those in need.

“Myself along with other friends from Lucasville Community of Christ embarked on a mission to give coats to the homeless in Portsmouth and Lucasville. We asked for gently used coats, gloves and scarves to be donated,” Gregory said. “We had prayer and headed out to the park in Portsmouth and in Lucasville. We went to the homeless shelter and handed out six or so (coats) and the people were so thankful.”

She said by the time the group left the homeless shelter, they returned to Tracy Park to find a few people in the park that were grateful to receive some of the donated items.

Gregory said there were some additional items placed in the pockets of the items, for those that receive them to enjoy.

“We did lay some coats, gloves and hats around the (Tracy) park. We then went to Lucasville and handed out some more items. The people were literally stopping and getting coats as they were being hung in Lucasville,” Gregory said. “There were tree kids what went with us to hand out candy canes, gave hugs or handshakes. They left everyone with a God bless you and Merry Christmas.”

Gregory said the experience of passing out the donated items was, “another good experience serving God and the community.”

She said if more coats were donated the church would be glad to distribute them to those in need. Those wishing to donate coats and other items should call 740-259-2210.

Wayne Allen can be reached at 740-353-3101, ext. 1933 or on Twitter @WayneallenPDT