Professor Anthony Dzik publishes Greenland in Climographs

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio – Anthony Dzik, Professor of Geography at Shawnee State University, has recently published his book titled, Greenland in Climographs.

Dzik’s new book is an introduction to the various local and regional climates of Greenland. It uses the Köppen system of classification to describe the climates of 16 locations all across Greenland, and includes highlights and descriptions of each of the location’s cultural and economic geography. Dzik collaborated with his son, Vincent Dzik, to produce the book.

“I have always been fascinated by Greenland. I have traveled to a number of settlements to specifically study the physical and cultural geography of the island,” said Dzik.

Dzik has published several other articles focusing on Greenland such as “Complementarity of Site and Situation: A Case Study of Kulusuk, East Greenland” and “Three Kilometers & Three Centuries: Modernisation and Cultural Landscape of Kulusuk Island, East Greenland.”

Greenland in Climographs is currently available on paperback through Lulu at