Free State of Ohio Services Could Put Money in Your Pocket

COLUMBUS — Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor is encouraging Ohioans to take advantage of free state-provided services that could put money back in your pocket.

A missing life insurance policy and annuity contract search service, one of the first of its kind in the country, provided by the Ohio Department of Insurance might uncover money you never realized you had.

“The state of Ohio works hard to generate awareness of its valuable services, including helping Ohioans identify money that may belong to them,” said Taylor, also director of the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Implemented in 2009, thousands of Ohio residents and family members of deceased Ohio residents have utilized the missing life insurance and annuity contract search service to see if they have beneficiary funds. More than 1,530 matches have been made.

Members of the deceased person’s immediate family, executors or legal representatives can initiate a search by obtaining the necessary form at or by calling 800-686-1526. Requests received are sent to Ohio life insurance companies for review and the insurer contacts the beneficiary if money is to be paid.

Ohioans also can visit to see if they have any unclaimed property, including life insurance and annuity contracts. The Ohio Department of Commerce is responsible for taking reports of unclaimed funds that result when an account becomes dormant and the business no longer has contact information for the account owner, holding these funds for safekeeping, and working aggressively to track down the rightful owner.