City Council Passes Resolution that Would Benefit ASC

Portsmouth, OH – Access Scioto County (ASC) would like to thank Portsmouth City Council for their recent passage of a resolution urging the Ohio EPA to set aside 71.4 – million dollars from the Volkswagen diesel emissions settlement to update Ohio’s aging transit bus fleets.

If Ohio EPA decides to allocate the VW mitigation funds, Ohio’s transit systems would be able to update their aging fleets with alternative fuel vehicles and engines such as compressed natural gas (CNG), propane, hybrid, all-electric, or hydrogen fuel cell. These technologies and alternative fuels would make Ohio’s transit systems more efficient, safer, and help lower carbon emissions.

According to ASC Coordinator Larry Mullins, “Special thanks goes to Councilman Kevin W. Johnson who brought the matter to the attention of city council.” Mullins added, “We hope that Ohio EPA decides to dedicate the funds to transit.” “ASC has been using propane since 2012 and our share of the funds will help us continue our propane project that to date has greatly reduced our emissions and saved ASC over $90,000 in fuel costs”, Mullins said.

According to Mullins the funds come from one of the largest corporate settlements in U.S. history when Volkswagen agreed to pay 14.7 – billion dollars to federal, and state governments, and owners of 475,000 diesel vehicles that didn’t meet U.S. emission standards and VW’s falsification of emissions data.