“Your Holiday Cheer”


How cheerful are you? Your Season’s holiday is fast approaching and with it challenges as well as great times. You have often heard is better to give than to receive. As you are challenged with giving and balancing your budget, keep in mind that the best gifts are those that keep their value from one (1)to five (5) years. Now let’s rethink what you could give that could last decades or for a lifetime as your special gift keeps on giving inspiration. Perhaps a gift from your heart speaking wisdom and encouragement would really be appreciated. Next, your life story (overcoming obstacles) could be treasured for decades as it is passed from one generation to the next. Let’s imagine your invitation to dinner, including songs and laughter, turning into a valuable memory of love. Now, if you have already given these gifts, let’s stop and think of a gift that “you” would like to receive. Did you know that the best gifts are those you would love to keep for yourself? If you stop and think for a moment, you may soon realize that you already have something within reach of your fingertips that could be of value to others. What you wonder? I encourage you to take a moment to think again. Your Christmas cheer could include something made with your very own hands. Yes! Perhaps your favorite dish, a painting, or a beautiful decoration to name a few. In closing, keep in mind, your special Christmas or holiday cheer should include value lasting at

least one (1 ) to 5 years in the hearts and minds of others. In other words, It should be a treasured memory. I challenge you this month to rethink your Holiday cheer and give a gift of value that could possibly last a lifetime.

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