Rio Seniors Receive Woodworking Scholarships

The Western Ohio Woodworkers Club presented two seniors in Rio’s Fine Woodworking Program, Dan Morris and Zachary Sentivany, (center) with scholarships to recognize their hard work and dedication to the program.

RIO GRANDE, Ohio – Members of the Western Ohio Woodworkers Club (WOW) presented scholarships to two students from the University of Rio Grande’s Fine Wood Working Technology program. Senior Dan Morris was awarded the Western Ohio Woodworkers scholarship, while Senior Zachary Sentivany received the Harris Bartine Scholarship.

WOW has been awarding Rio students with a scholarship for eleven years in memory of member and professional woodworker, George Reid. Gary Terborg, president of the club, said the Dayton-based WOW tries to inspire craftsmen and create awareness and respect for the art.

“Woodworking is becoming a lost art,” Gary Terborg said. “We want to keep woodworking going in America and encourage a new generation of woodworkers. We want to see more people take it up because those of us who do woodworking really love the craft, and we are happy to give this scholarship to Rio students because we feel this is the best program for professional woodworking we have found in the state of Ohio”

Morris, of Dayton said he is excited to receive the scholarship, and is grateful to WOW’s dedication to Rio.

“I work and go to school full time, so I’m really happy about this scholarship,” Morris said. “I decided to come to Rio because I had heard great things about the program. Earning this scholarship is proof of that because, I came into it knowing almost nothing about woodworking, and I’ve learned so much from my professor.”

WOW member Harris Bartine said he was inspired to create his own scholarship because he believed in the program and the hard work and dedication of its students.

“Providing these scholarships are a great way to pass on the craft,” Bartine said. “When I came down here and met the instructors and saw the work, I decided this was a great program to provide with a scholarship, so I created one in my name.”

Sentivany, of Newark, Ohio, said he is glad the club took notice of his work and selected him for the scholarship.

“I was really excited to receive this scholarship. Seeing the hard work you put into the class pay off like this is very rewarding,” Sentivany said. “I’m so glad I came to Rio for woodworking because they have made it so affordable for me to get a degree in something I love, and they still provide us with opportunities like this scholarship.”

Eric Matson, instructor of fine woodworking, said he is proud his students are being recognized for their work.

“Rio’s woodworking program is so unique because it adds diversity to the programs we offer. It’s great to receive this support from WOW because it helps our students financially through these scholarships and they can look to the members for additional mentoring and networking opportunities in the field,” Matson said. “These guys are very deserving of this scholarship. All the students have worked really hard toward this, so just being considered for it is a great accomplishment.”

Matson said students are selected for these scholarships each fall, and receive the award near the end of the fall semester.