Rio Hosts High School Business Competition

High school students from Southeastern Ohio came to the University of Rio Grande campus for the 10th annual Business Visitation Day with the Emerson E. Evans School of Business.

RIO GRANDE, Ohio – The University of Rio Grande’s Emerson E. Evans School of Business invited high school students from around the area to compete in the 10th annual Business Visitation Day. Associate professor, Dr. Wesley Thoene, who organizes the event each year, said the event is a competition where the students use business skills to promote an organization.

“This event gives the students the chance to be creative and use business skills they have learned in class for a fun, friendly competition,” Thoene said. “Each year we have a new theme, so no two projects are ever the same. It’s just as fun for us to be the judges as it is for them to create the projects.”

This year’s theme gave students a chance to promote cities across the globe as the best choice for the next Olympic Games.

“With the recent Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we felt this would be a great theme for the competition,” Thoene said. “We had the students divided up into teams and then had them go research and put together a project on why a particular city should be chosen for either the next summer or winter games. Their presentations can involve anything from formal business PowerPoint and Prezi slideshows to jingles or sketches. The top teams win prizes, with the top team also earning our traveling plaque. This year, the plaque went to “The Golden Gals,” a team from Wellston High School.”

Jason Winters, Chair of the Emerson E. Evans School of Business, said the event provides students an opportunity to showcase their business marketing skills, as well as, network with college business faculty and students.

“It is exciting to watch these high school students get their creative juices flowing. They very quickly realize there is more to marketing than a flashy advertising campaign. The students’ research incorporates geographic, economic, demographic, and political data to creatively advocate their position through the use of public speaking and digital design skills.” Winters said. “The event also creates a special opportunity for high school students to meet and interact with both college business faculty and students to discuss their future college and career aspirations. After a morning of researching for their projects, the students presented their chosen city to a panel of judges to decide the winner of this year’s competition. Nearly 200 students from seven schools in the area came to campus for the event.