SOMC AIC accepting new patients

Southern Ohio Medical Center’s ambulatory infusion clinic is now accepting new patients.

SOMC AIC offers a variety of services, including administering IV fluids, IV medications, IV antibiotics, subcutaneous medications, IM medications and more. SOMC AIC also offers outpatient labs for patients with any type of infusaports, midline, PICC line or groshong catheters.

SOMC AIC is supported by a staff of experienced RNs with extensive knowledge regarding outpatient infusions and specialty medications.

“What sets our team apart is our expertise and experience,” AIC Nurse Manager Kathy Davis said. “We’re an excellent option not only for patients being referred by a physician, but also for walk-ins with an outpatient lab order who have an infusaport or PICC line.”

Patients wishing to receive service from SOMC’s ambulatory infusion clinic should ask their physician to fax their orders to 740-353-0468.

SOMC AIC can be reached at 740-356-7240. For more information, visit