Area garden club news


Shelby Powell presented the Horticulture report at the November meeting of Green Triangle Garden Club. Fall is a good time to consider planting a new tree, as the weather moderates, and the roots have time to establish prior to winter freezing. Trees should be selected, with the site in mind. For example a willow requires moist conditions, not a dry area, and all trees have particular requirements. The tree roots require a hole large enough to accommodate their bulk, and the tree will probably require bracing until it is established.

Fall is also a good season for pruning older trees and shrubbery. Trees are a long-term investment, that pays great dividends, but they do need occasional attention.

President Eva Worley conducted the business meeting at Shawnee Lodge. Green Triangle Garden Club decorates a Christmas “forest area” in the outer hall at Shawnee Lodge.

Club members and guests arrive early on November 7 for the annual Lodge décor. The Lodge staff provides continental breakfast and lunch for approximately 100 workers. The mood is festive and Santa’s “elves” magically produce a Christmas wonderland.

Business reports were given to the President. The tip for November concerned ornamental plantings, which have entered dormancy. If they required thinning or if the gardener wishes to move the plant, it can be safely dug and replanted in November. Care should be given to the root system, saving the greater portion and quickly replanting to avoid loss of moisture.

Christmas Open house at Shawnee Lodge is scheduled for Sunday, December 4 and all Region 10 Garden Clubs will be available as hosts or guides. The public is invited, there is no charge, and the Lodge will provide free refreshments.


Decorate! November and December are favorite months for garden club members as they plan workshops, flower shows, and the beautification of Scioto County’s churches, lodges and homes.

Slocum Garden Club members met on November 10 at the Casa Grande Restaurant in New Boston to celebrate their 65th anniversary, with hostesses Connie Percell and Mary Lou Beaumont . President Diane Reese welcomed new member Irene Duffany and guest Wallace Scifres. As this was a dinner meeting, table centerpieces were a topic, and each member brought a design example. The centerpiece, by Connie Percell with a handcrafted owl was chosen “most original” and Rebecca Holt’s entry was voted “Best of Show”.

Brooks Sexton, award winning designer, outlined the highlights of the December Christmas Flower Show. As a part of her program she illustrated the Duo design which consists of two back-to-back designs, arranged in a manner where one design blocks the view of the opposing design A duo design entitled “White Christmas / Blue Christmas” will be a highlight of the Christmas Show on December 1.

For the horticulture program Mary Lou Beaumont spoke of finding a passion fruit vine at the foot of a white pine growing in the woods near her house. Assisted by the Ohio State University’s County Extension Service, the identity of the plant was made. Rarely found in northern states (zone 6), the plant can live up to seven years in sunny locations with wind protection. The plant grows rapidly and always cozies up to a supporting structure such as a tree or manmade structure. This rare plant climbed to a height of twenty feet. The vine has three-lobed leaves and green/yellow or purple fruit, resembling a lemon or lime. Beaumont encouraged members to walk and be aware of hidden treasures. The County Extension is a great resource for assistance in identifying unknown species.

President Reese closed the meeting with two hints, advising first that decorations made of natural elements be packed away with peppermints and cotton balls and in metal tins to discourage hungry bugs and rodents. Secondly, that saved seeds from gourds, pumpkins, squash, etc. be dried and used as birdseed. The club will meet on December 8 at the home of Sue Leadingham

On October 26 Slocum Garden Club met at the home of Carla Scifres with pinecones, twine, ribbons, greenery and glue guns for the purpose of crafting decorations for Shawnee State Park Lodge and to recognize Linda Warfield for her achievements and ongoing friendship. Warfield, Portsmouth Garden Club member is a veteran Region 10 contributor and is moving from the area. She received the 2015 OAGC Citation Award, an award given annually to a member statewide who has promoted the aims of OAGC.

Many handmade decorations for the club’s trees at lodge require repair every year. Since 1991 Slocum Garden Club members have decorated the second floor of the lodge and presently the club decorates nine trees, including one dedicated to area veterans, one in sympathy of the monarch butterfly, and another dedicated to Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”. Garden club members love these decorating experiences and are always thinking of ways to create a Christmas theme at the lodge. Two additional examples are located at the entrance to the lodge’s restaurant. Beverly Norman produced “Noah’s Ark”, and a twelve-foot tree decorated

with dried items, that also include wasp and hornet nests. The Lodge restaurant has a new menu and has been newly decorated by the Pike County’s Waverly and Prime Thyme Garden Clubs.

Over 100 Region 10, Ohio Association of Garden Clubs members and high school honor students from Rock Hill, Portsmouth and Portsmouth West High Schools met to decorate the Lodge on November 7. The open house celebration at the Lodge is scheduled for Sunday, December 4. On display will be over forty decorated trees, a children’s village with Santa Claus, and entertainment from area musicians, including the Portsmouth West High School choir. The Lodge staff will offer free refreshments.

Slocum Garden Club will also participate in the annual Christmas Flower Show, at the Glendale Senior Citizen’s Center, Clarktown on December 1 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. The holiday show is open to the public and refreshments will be served. The show is sponsored by Minford, Willow and Slocum Garden Clubs and will feature holiday floral designs based on the theme, “Sing We Now of Christmas”. There will also be a demonstration of tying Christmas bows.

Join area garden club members in celebrating the beauty the season by visiting Shawnee State Park Lodge and attending the December 1 Christmas Flower Show. For more information about area garden club activities and opportunities, contact 740-259-4432.