‘Socks 4 Troops and Vets’ campaign in progress

Left to right: Assistant manager of Shoe Sensation in New Boston, Angel Sowards, and back up assistant manager, Erica Page, are excited about Shoe Sensation’s ‘Socks 4 Troops and Vets’ campaign which the store is hosting until Dec. 24, 2016.

NEW BOSTON — Shoe Sensation located at 3624 Rhodes Avenue in New Boston, wants to make sure that United States troops and veterans are not forgotten during this holiday season by sponsoring the ‘Socks 4 Troops and Veterans’ campaign.

Since Nov. 1, through Dec. 24, 2016, Shoe Sensation has been sponsoring Socks 4 Troops and Veterans by encouraging their customers to donate socks to local troops and veterans. Customers who make a donation will receive a coupon for 20 percent off of the socks purchased for donation. The donated socks are placed into a large, red, white and blue box positioned by the checkout counter in the store.

Angel Sowards, assistant manager of Shoe Sensation, told The Community Common that she is elated about reciprocating care to our troops and veterans.

“This is our first time doing this, and I am very excited to be able to do this for the troops because they do so much for us, and it is nice to be able to give back,” Sowards said. “They are out there fighting for our freedoms, and doing the best that they can. It is just exciting to be able to give back, and to be able to do something for them.”

Sowards said coupons can be used on any socks in their store, and that they do have military-approved socks in stock that may be donated.

“At the end of the campaign, our manager Tammy Shope, will take the socks down to our local veterans office and will drop them off there,” she said.

For more information, call Shoe Sensation at 740-456-5777.

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