2016 Portsmouth West Pee-Wee Homecoming









Kindergarten Attendant: Shelbi Day. Shelbi is the daughter of Willy and Kalei Day. Shelbi was escorted by her twin brother Bentley Day.

1st Grade Attendant: Layla Kamer. Layla is the daughter of Chris and Sara Kamer. Layla was escorted by Wyatt Ferrell, son of Michael and Kelly Ferrell.

2nd Grade Attendant: Aubrey Stone. Aubrey is the daughter of Bobby and Emily Stone. Aubrey was escorted by Austin Ramsey, son of Travis and Emilia Ramsey.

3rd Grade Attendant: Kaylynn May. Kaylnn is the daughter of Ashley and Jeff May. Kaylynn was escorted by Logan Gambill, son of Chris and Allison Gambill and Shelly Howell.

4th Grade Attendant: Rachel Jordan. Rachel is the daughter of Joey and Becky Jordan. Rachel was escorted by Nichol Rapp, son of Jimmy and Nikki Rapp.

5th Grade Attendant: Maria Moore. Maria is the daughter of Roger and Cheryl Moore. Maria was escorted by Ethan Pruneda, son of Eric and Amy Pruneda.

6th Grade 2nd Runner-up: Mackenzie Shope. Mackenzie is the daughter of Ryan and Amanda Shope. Mackenzie was escorted by Ryan Sissel, son of Joe and Heather Sissel

6th Grade 1st Runner-up: Hannah McLaughlin. Hannah is the daughter of Seth and Kristyn McLaughlin. Hannah was escorted by Carson Horner, son of Mike and Heidi Horner.

6th Grade Homecoming Queen is Karlee York. Karlee is the daughter of Dwayne and Sonya Downing and Scott York. Karlee was escorted by Mitchell Irwin, son of Kenny and Christy Irwin.