Births at SOMC

October 5

Joel Webster and Rhonda Webster of West Portsmouth, daughter

Amanda Literal and Timothy Literal of West Portsmouth, daughter

October 6

Robert Simpson and Nicole Maynard of Lucasville, daughter

Kristian L. Niziol-Howard and Craig Howard of Lucasville, son

Haley Day and James Howard of McDermott, son

John and Casara Madden of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

Kelly Godwin of Otway, son

October 7

Torri Kelley of Portsmouth, daughter

Lindsey Fernandez and Julius Hamrick of West Portsmouth, son

Lori Young of Portsmouth, daughter

October 8

Latoria and Aaron Farley, son

October 9

A.J. Boggs and Alli Boggs of Portsmouth, daughter

October 10

Barbie and Brandon Crabtree of Lucasville, daughter

Natasha L. Hensley and James Grooms, son

Nathaniel and Chassidy Snyder of Oak Hill, daughter

Courtney Farley and Aaron Bailey of Portsmouth, daughter

Meranda Hayslip and Charles Hurd of West Union, son

October 11

Brittany Walters and Irvan J. Schoolcraft Jr. of Waverly, daughter

Krystal Knapp and Brian Knapp of Wheelersburg, son

Fahdah and Ibrahim Alanazi of Portsmouth, son

October 12

Catlin and Stacy Tackett of Wheelersburg, son

Kanto Devi and Gurmail Singh of Waverly, daughter

Chelsi Potter and Chance Neff of South Portsmouth (Ky.), daughter

Meagan Malone and Michael Plummer of Wheelersburg, son

October 13

Steven and Miranda Bradley of Flatwoods (Ky.), daughter

Marjorie Riggs and Jonathon Knowles of Waverly, daughter

Ryan and Sarah Staker of Wheelersburg, daughter

Olivia Young of Lucasville, son

Kristina Rister and Timothy Soards of Portsmouth, daughter

October 14

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Alyssa Bach-Enz of Portsmouth, son

Barry Parker II and Danielle McDaniel of Piketon, daughter

Jesse and Brigitte Cook of Sciotoville, daughter

Bethany Russell of Beaver, son

October 15

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy and Ashley Ginn of West Portsmouth, son

October 16

Mr. and Mrs. Samantha Stapleton of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Tiffany Conley and Kreig Crabtree of Lucasville, son

October 17

Justin Hill and Kaitlin Mingus of Wheelersburg, daughter

Lakota Montgomery and Robert Rothwell of Lynx, son

Natasha Clark of Piketon, son

Travis and Crystal Everman of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

October 18

Tabitha and Wayne Claytor of West Portsmouth, daughter

October 19

Elizabeth Monraga and Francisco Gonzalez of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Johnson of Oak Hill, daughter

October 20

William masters and Kirstein Tracy of Peebles, son

Nick and Cheyenne Alley of Lucasville, son

October 21

Zach and Kari Parker of Portsmouth, daughter

Stephen and Bethany Ottens of Minford, daughter

Noah Smith and Tiffany Smith of Wheelersburg, son

October 22

Ashley Roe of West Portsmouth, daughter

October 23

Michael and Megan Flannery of Wheelersburg, son

October 24

Britney Frazier of Wheelersburg, son

Jerry Kibler and Christian Skaggs of Olive Hill (Ky.), daughter

October 25

Chris and Stephanie Clevenger of Wheelersburg, son

Renee Davis and James Michael Lamb III of Portsmouth, daughter

Randy Fyffe and Samantha Woods of South Webster, son