Forest service project proposes to build new and re-route existing horse trail

The Wayne National Forest Ironton Ranger District is seeking public comments on a project intended to provide a more scenic horse trail path, to decommission a section of horse trail co-located with Township Road 198, and to decommission a section of the back-packing trail.

The project is located in Aid Township, Lawrence County, Ohio, and would become part of the Vesuvius Horse Trail System.

The proposed action is to create approximately 2.7 miles of new horse trail within the existing Vesuvius Horse Trail System and to decommission approximately 0.9 miles of trail (0.6 miles of horse trail on road and 0.3 miles of back-packing trail). The trail would be open to riders on horseback from April 15 to December 15 and open to foot traffic year-round. Trail decommissioning for portions of the horse trail currently located on open public road is an administrative action and would not disturb the ground or vegetation. Decommissioning a segment of the back-packing trail would be accomplished by blocking access and allowing the area to re-vegetate naturally. In this area the back-packing trail would be co-located with the horse trail.

Public comments can be made to Tim Slone at the Wayne National Forest, Ironton Ranger District, 6518 State Route 93, Pedro Ohio, 45659 by Monday, October 24th, 2016, specifically stating that they are in reference to the scoping period for the Kimble Loop West Re-Route One Project. In order for your comments to be considered, they must directly relate the proposed action to a resource impact. Include your name, current physical mailing address, phone number and signature or other verification of identity with your comments.

You may also call to discuss this project at (740) 534-6500 during normal business hours (M-F, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) or submit comments electronically to:

Information about this and other projects being developed and analyzed can be found online at the Wayne National Forest website at .