Births at SOMC

June 23

Hannah Runyon and David Dunbarr of Wheelersburg, daughter

June 25

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Bussa of Wheelersburg, daughter

June 26

Joyce Woods and Barrett Sparks of South Portsmouth (Ky.), daughter

Autumn Sowards of Wheelersburg, son

Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Rowland of Waverly

Ross and Misty Lemon of Wheelersburg, son

June 27

Jennifer Carver and Joe Hossman of West Portsmouth, daughter

June 28

Mr. and Mrs. Devin and Katie Miller of Wheelersburg, son

Carrie and Donald Cummings of Portsmouth, son

June 29

Allen and Kellie Fields of Portsmouth, son

Timothy and Christy Morgan of Ironton, daughter

Amanda Redden and Mark Redden of Stout, son

Jessica Holsinger of Portsmouth, daughter

Jessica Lewis and Matthew Sisler of Wheelersburg, daughter

June 30

Austin and Kristina Gray of Lucasville, daughter

Jessika and Eric Altizer of Waverly, daughter

July 1

Brian and Kelli Byrd of South Webster, daughter

Brittany Alexander and James Cottle of Portsmouth, son

Ruth Whiting of Beaver, son

Mr. and Mrs. Seth and Whitnie Tackett of Minford, son

July 2

Brandon and Chasitee Dean of Portsmouth, son

Casey Howard and Dakota Slusher of Beaver, daughter

July 3

David and Judith Young of Garrison (Ky.), son

July 5

Caleb Southworth and Marissa Hill of Waverly, son