Levies, options highlight ballot

While most voters will likely be going to the Polls on Nov. 8 to elect a Scioto County Commissioner or maybe a judge for the Fourth District Court of Appeals, you might want to be armed with information on local options and levies which could catch you off-guard if you are not informed.

All voters in Scioto County will be voting on an additional tax for the benefit of Adams, Lawrence and Scioto counties Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board for the purpose of current expenses at a rate not exceeding 1.5 mills, which amounts to 15 cents for each hundred dollars of valuation for 10 years.

In Portsmouth, voters will have two charter amendments to consider. One calls for the city manager to submit to Council, at the time that he submits the annual budget, the draft of an appropriation ordinance based on the budget and so drawn so as to provide for all expenditures proposed for the ensuing year.

The other calls for Council to have the ability to make appropriations sufficient to cover the necessary expenses of the city before the beginning of the fiscal year and before the annual appropriation ordinance has been passed.

People voting in the various townships in the county need to research levies and options. Among the townships considering levies, both new and renewals, are Green, Jefferson, Morgan, Nile, Otway (both current expenses and fire protection), Rush, South Webster Village, Vernon and Washington.

What may be the most prevalent issue on many ballots this year in addition to the ADAMHS Board levy, is the bevy of beer, wine and mixed drinks options and Sunday sales. Townships with such options include Jefferson B, Nile B and Nile C, Porter C and Porter D, Sciotoville (6th Ward), South Webster Village, Union Township B and Washington A.

Voters to educate themselves as to the specific issue for their township and the millage to consider before going to the polls.

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