Thoughts of 2017 Quilt Festival

Gloria Brown, of South Shore is the overall winner of the 2016 Quilt Show of the South Shore Quilt Festival. Brown is standing in front of her winning work.

Tri State Mountain Dulcimer Society performed at the 2016 South Shore Quilt display. Left to right: Dan MaHoney, Sarah Blake, Billy Dewees, Linda Wallace performing at the South Shore Quilt Display. Handmade instruments and very entertaining.

SOUTH SHORE, Ky. — The 2016 South Shore Quilt Festival has come and gone. The event director, David Piatt said it was another successful year.

“The Festival overall was a good year. We had the music in the evening, and we had some where between 1,200 to 1,500 people up there for the concerts, and that is a really good crowd,” Piatt said. “The vendors that participated said they did well, and that is good.”

As far as the Quilt Show, Piatt said they have lost some regular participants, and hope to garner more participation from younger quilt makers.

“We have lost a few people that used to enter quilts into the annual Quilt Show, some quilters who have passed away,” Piatt said. “It just doesn’t seem like the younger ladies today are as interested in the quilting as the older ladies, and that’s one of the reasons that we have four regular contributors that usually bring one or two quilts, so we were down in the number of quilts entered this year. We will be trying to find some ways to get some younger quilters involved.”

Quilt makers from Lucasville are a thriving group which have been participating in the Festival.

“The Lucasville quilting club has about 10 new members, so they said they will be back up next year,” Piatt said. “This group meets regularly at the Lucasville Library on the first and third Mondays, and people are coming in and learning how to make quilts, and these are free classes that are open to anybody, and I believe two of them from the group have actually won ribbons when they put them in.”

Gloria Brown of South Shore, Ky., was the overall winner of the 2016 South Shore Quilt Festival. She said is thrilled about winning.

“I was kind of surprised, and thrilled. My daughter suggested that I put something in, but I said, “I don’t know, but I’ve got that blue quilt, and she said, put that in,” Brown said. “So she encouraged me, and I decided to put the blue quilt in.

Brown said it took a total of six months to complete the blue ribbon, first place quilt.

“I have been sewing ever since I was a teenager, and it is something that I really enjoy doing.”

Brown is already thinking about competing in the 2017 South Shore Quilt Festival.

“There is a Christmas quilt that I would like to do, so hopefully I will have that ready this year, and will probably put that in the Quilt Festival next year,” Brown said.

The South Shore Quilt Festival Committee is pondering ways to enhance next year’s event.

“I think the tractor show and motorcycle show that they had this year were successful, so imagine they will do that again. That was something that we hadn’t done before, and we were really happy with the results,” Piatt said. “I think that we are also going to try to schedule some different acts. Sunday is Gospel music, Friday night is usually Country music, and Saturday is Rock and Roll, that is usually the way we do it, and that seems to be working pretty well, but I think they are talking about mixing things up a little bit, where it is not just one kind of music each night.”

Additionally, Piatt said the South Shore Quilt Festival Committee will be examining ways to to make more handicapped parking more accessible for the 2017 Festival.

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