Scioto County Roadwork Schedule

Craig J. Opperman P.E., Scioto County Engineer, announced the work schedule for the week of September 12, 2016 through September 16, 2016 for his office.


Flatwood – Fallen Timber Road (CR184) in Jefferson Township at the 0.56 to 1.03 mile markers continues to be closed through Thursday, December 1st, 2017. Portsmouth Joint Venture is excavating road embankment for construction of State Route 823 and constructing a bridge.

Ohio River Road (CR503) in Porter Township continues to be closed through Friday, September 30th. Columbia Gas is relocating their gas lines for the SR823 project and Portsmouth Joint Venture is installing storm sewer lines. The location of the closure is between State Route 140 to and including the intersection of Hastings Hill Road (CR251).

Flowers – Ison Road (TR381) in Jefferson Township continues to be closed through Friday, September 30th. The location of the closure is just east of Blue Run Road intersection. Portsmouth Joint Venture will be installing a box culvert.


Fairground Road (CR55) in Valley Township continues to have intermittent flagging through Friday, September 30th for beam detailing, stay in place formwork, overhang deck and rebar for the three bridges over Fairground Road. Portsmouth Joint Venture is doing the work.


Mackletree Road (TR99) in Nile Township at the 4.81 mile marker continues to be closed through Friday, November 4th day and night. The location of the closure is between State Route 125 and the Shawnee State Park shelter house. Sunesis Construction is replacing a bridge.

CHIP AND SEAL (weather permitting)

Henley – Comstock Road (CR44) in Union Township on Monday, September 12th.

Big Spruce – Little Bear Creek Road (CR41) in Brush Creek and Union Townships on Tuesday, September 13th and Wednesday, September 14th.

Dry Run – Pond Creek Road (CR57) in Union and Washington Townships on Thursday, September 15th.

Traffic will be maintained with the use of flaggers. County Engineer’s crew will be resurfacing the roads.

ASPHALT PAVING (weather permitting)

Monday, September 12th Rice Lane (TR439), Diane Street (TR1474), Duane Street (TR1473), Dwight Street (TR1494) (Shoemaker Subdivision) in Madison Township.

Tuesday, September 13th Colegrove Road (TR183) in Jefferson Township.

Wednesday, September 14th and Thursday, September 15th Blue Run Road (CR29) in Jefferson and Madison Townships.

Friday, September 16th Wilson Street (TR1368), Burns Road Left Fork (TR175), Godfrey Lane (TR574) and Cornell Drive (TR1387) in Jefferson Township.

Saturday, September 17th Glendale Road (CR549) in Jefferson Township

The Shelly Company will be doing the paving.


Washington Boulevard (CR50) in Washington Township continues with water line and storm sewer installation The location of the work is from Galena Pike to Nauvoo – Pond Creek Road and from Galena Pike to north of Dixie Avenue. Contractor will utilize segmental road closures. Allard Excavation, LLC are performing waterline, curb, gutter and storm sewer installation prior to resurfacing.


Clinton Furnace Road in Vernon Township.

Sheldon – Cartro Road in Green and Vernon Townships.

Great Meadow Road and Jackson Furnace Road in Bloom Township.

Millers Run – Fallen Timber Road in Jefferson, Madison and Valley Townships.

Upper Twin Creek – Rocky Fork Road in Brush Creek and Nile Townships.

Rarden – Hazelbaker Hill Road in Rarden Township.

Mohawk Drive in Rush and Union Townships.

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