Births at SOMC

August 18

Jessica Stapleton of Ironton, daughter

Dr. and Mrs. Taylor Babcock of Portsmouth, daughter

August 19

Amanda Blevens and Brandon Ferguson of Wheelersburg, son

Jennifer Clark and Marcus Schneider of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Patricia Clark and Kodey Pollard of Garrison (Ky.), son

August 22

Dashne Tackett and Adam Dummitt of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

Jennifer Middleton and Bobby Sigman of West Portsmouth, son

Haley Stapleton and Andy Zapf of West Portsmouth, son

Brandon and Lindsey Turner of Portsmouth, daughter

Cory Smith and Jessica Braun of Wheelersburg, daughter

August 23

Andrew and Audrey Kirkendall of McDermott, daughter

Samantha Baum and Ian Mitchell of West Portsmouth, daughter

Staci White and Keith Ryan Anderson of McDermott, son

Mr. and Mrs. Lesa Phillips of Greenup (Ky.), daughter

August 24

Santana and Gerald Neace of Greenup (Ky.), daughter

Mara Morrison of Piketon, daughter

Breanna Johnson and Matt Clarke of Portsmouth, son

Uriah and Christina Fritz of McDermott, daughter

August 25

Cassie Chandler of Piketon, son

August 26

Jimmy and Whitney Stapleton of Franklin Furnace, daughter

Angelica Stevenson of Portsmouth, son

Justin Nelson and Cortney Bihl of Wheelersburg, daughter

Julie Bradley and Daryld Blevins of Portsmouth, daughter

William George Jones and Carlie Jane Jones of South Portsmouth (Ky.), son

August 29

Allie Taylor and Jeff Tripp of Piketon, daughter

Sara Virgin Clark and Brandon Leffler of Chillicothe, daughter

Linda Pemberton of Russell (Ky.), daughter

August 30

Jamila Jackson of Portsmouth, daughter

Tiffany Tackett and Bryan Blanton of Minford, daughter

Angela Helms and Joshua Helms of Franklin Furnace, daughter

Matt Hysell and Beth Miller of McDermott, son

Keith and Melissa Spencer of West Portsmouth, son

Megan moon and Dustin Murphy of Hillsboro, son

August 31

Matt and Shana Prah of Wheelersburg, son

Kimberly Norvell and Justin Combs of Waverly, son

Brad and Stacy Stone of Quincy (Ky.), son

Laura Cumbridge of Portsmouth, daughter

September 1

Courtney Gaines and James Workman of Portsmouth, son