ESC provides training for first-time kindergarten teachers

New kindergarten teachers from multiple counties participated in the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) in Piketon, on Aug. 19. The program was hosted at The Ohio State University Endeavor Center, by the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center and SST Region 15.

“When kindergarten teachers walk into that classroom, they’re in a unique situation. Unlike third or fourth grade teachers, they have years’ worth of data to learn about their students. When you’re a kindergarten teacher, there is little if any data. They’re coming in with different experiences. Some of the students attended preschool, some have not,” said Kara Copeland, ESC curriculum supervisor.

The KRA program teaches first-time kindergarten teachers how to gather that valuable data. The program started three-years ago by training every kindergarten teacher throughout Region 15 and the state. Now the program, offered annually, is keeping up by delivering the training to first-time teachers of kindergarten only. After completing the program, teachers are kept informed about new standards and practices through an online service.

Teachers are required to pass the simulation with an 80-percent or higher. Copeland said every teacher participating in the program this year passed.

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