Area garden Club News


Region 10 Flower Clubs presented two original flower shows at the Scioto County Fair on Monday and Thursday. The shows had approximately 150 entries, in both design and horticulture each day. The overall theme for the shows was “Signs of Design”, featuring familiar everyday signs in creative floral designs. The Show Co-Chairs were Pam Scarfpin of Willow Garden Club and Carolyn Wilcox of Minford Garden Club.

Two beautiful shows in Ohio August weather is no small task, and Region 10 garden clubs met the challenge, cleaning and setting up backgrounds. Judges were hired for both shows, and they were certified by the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs. Judges for Monday show were Myrna Cordray and Jan Stein; and Thursday show judges were Juanita Wilkins and Marian Moechel. Judging was difficult and ribbons were award in each category.

For the Monday show, the winner, Irmalee Gampp, Minford Garden Club was awarded the two highest awards for floral design, Best-of-Show & Award-of-Distinction for her design, “Freeway Ahead”. The junior floral design winner was Katie Strickland, with a vertical creative design, “School Zone”. In the horticulture show, the Best-of-Show award winners were Barb Ross and Jean Moore, both from Willow Garden Club. Ross displayed a miniature rose, and Moore presented a potted begonia.

Thursday’s show required another cleanup session and a revamping of backgrounds. All new specimens and all new floral designs were presented. In the horticulture division there were two blue ribbons awarded, the first to Jennifer Ratliff and second to Barbara Davis. Two junior presenters, Tori Covert and Brylin Scarfpin received the Best-of-Show Award. In the senior division there was a repeat Best-of-Show for Barbara Ross and Jean Moore, both from Willow Garden Club. Ross presented 3 specimens of coleus, and Moore displayed a dahlia.

The design show featured five foot tall, creative floor designs and the “Scenic Route” by Beverly Norman was awarded the blue ribbon. The Best-of-Show-Award was won by Carolyn Wilcox for her creative mass entitled, “ Congested Area”. The Thursday Award-of-Distinction was given to Diane Reese, Slocum Garden Club for her design, “Construction Ahead”. The Junior division design winner was Caden Wilcox, with “City Park”.