Multi-year extensive roadway resurfacing program

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Crews working to resurface Fairground Road.

Crews working to resurface Fairground Road.

The Scioto County Engineer, Craig J. Opperman, P.E., P.S., announced the continuation of the multi-year extensive roadway resurfacing program. This program includes the placement of hot mixed asphalt pavement, cold mixed asphalt, and chip seal pavement resurfacing on the county road system.

The hot mix asphalt paving program administered by the Scioto County Engineer Craig Opperman was awarded to the low bidder, The Shelly Company, at a cost of $1,559,500. The program will provide over 25 miles of paving. Much of the project is paid for through a grant, worth $704,303, obtained by the Scioto County Engineer through an Ohio Public Works Issue 1 program.

The remainder of the funding for the project was provided by local investments paid from the County Engineer’s share of the Motor Vehicle and Gasoline Tax and participating Township Trustees.

The townships of Clay, Jefferson, and Valley are participating in the paving this year. Clay Township submitted 5 roads, Jefferson Township submitted 3 roads, and Valley Township will be resurfacing Robert Lucas Road. According to Scioto County Engineer Craig Opperman, “We were pleased to be able to assist the townships by combining our bids to obtain a lower cost for the improvement of our overall road systems. This cooperation provides savings for both the County and the Townships through volume purchasing.”

The hot mix paving program began on Friday, July 29, 2016 on Fairground Road, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of September (weather permitting). Some Township Roads may have to be closed to traffic while full-width paving is performed on narrow sections of roadway. All other roadways will have traffic maintained by one lane flagging operations and minor delays should be expected.

The following county roads will be hot mix asphalt paved this year:

* Bennett School House – South Webster Road (CR-12) from CR-63 to TR-295

* Blue Run Road (CR-29) from CR-28 to TR-183

* Fairground Road (CR-55), entire road

* Germany Hollow Road (CR-6), entire road

* Glendale Road (CR-549), entire road

* Hammerstein Road (CR-253) from CR-53 to CR-250

* Haverhill – Ohio Furnace Road (CR-8) from US-52 to TR-278

* Lang Slocum Road (CR-250) from CR-53 to CR-253

* Lick Run – Lyra Road (CR-2) from TR-375 to CR-308 & CR-1 to Porter Twp. Fire Station

* Lucasville – Minford Road (CR-28) from SR-728 to 900’ past CR-549

* Milldale Road (CR-63) from Corp. line to CR-168

* Morris Lane – Blue Run Road (CR-54) from CR-28 to CR-184

* Scioto Trail (CR-38), entire road

* Shela Boulevard (CR-4), entire road

* Turkey Foot Road (CR-5) from SR-140 to CR-6

This year, the cold mix paving program has concluded, with Dewey Extension West and Big Run Road having been completed on June 7th and June 14th, respectively. This program paved 2.90 miles at a cost of $73,339.87.

The cold mix paving process permits the development of pavement strength and repair of the road surface in a financially efficient manner. This process includes material production and placement performed entirely by Scioto County Engineer employees, thereby maximizing tax dollars while fortifying and preserving our lower-volume county roads.

The chip and seal program is an operation involving an application of a liquid asphalt emulsion and cover aggregate, performed entirely by County Engineer Craig Opperman’s employees. The program, scheduled to begin on Monday, August 22nd, will result in the resurfacing of 55.39 miles of roadway and will come at an estimated expenditure of $399,637.22, provided entirely by the County Engineer’s share of Motor Vehicle and Gasoline Tax revenues.

All or portions of the following 20 roads will be resurfaced this year:

* Bennett School House – South Webster Road (CR-12)

* Big Spruce – Little Bear Creek Road (CR-41)

* Burns Road (CR-174)

* Carey’s Run – Pond Creek Road (CR-49)

* Dace Road (CR-59)

* Dry Run – Pond Creek Road (CR-57)

* Essman – Sugar Camp Road (CR-52)

* Flatwood – Fallen Timber Road (CR-184)

* Great Meadow Road (CR-51)

* Hayport Street (CR-53)

* Henley – Comstock Road (CR-44)

* Kentucky Trail Road (CR-19)

* Lick Run – Lyra Road (CR-2)

* Miller’s Run – Fallen Timber Road (CR-26)

* Morris Lane – Blue Run Road (CR-54)

* Neff – Bratton Road (CR-283)

* Owensville Road (CR-139)

* Pollock Road (CR-47)

* Slab Run Road (CR-126)

* White Gravel – Dewey Road (CR-24)

“Our workforce is committed to providing an extraordinary amount of roadway enhancement throughout the county this year to correctly maintain and sustain our roads infrastructure,” stated Opperman. “All of these projects will utilize the most cost-effective methods available to our operations within the limited funding provided for the preservation of our 415 miles of roadways.”