Carpathios publishes Confessions of a Captured Angel


PORTSMOUTH, Ohio – Neil Carpathios, Associate Professor of the English & Humanities Department at Shawnee State University, recently published Confessions of a Captured Angel this past July through Terrapin Books Publishing Company.

Confessions of a Captured Angel is a full-length collection of 50 poems that were written by Carpathios between 2009 and 2016. Some of the poems in the collection have appeared in national journals, but have not been released as a whole collection until the book’s release.

“The most challenging part of any poetry collection, aside from writing the poems and continually revising them, is visualizing how the many separate poems can blend and work together as a whole and connect interweaving themes, motifs and telling a sort of “Story” through the poems,” said Carpathios. “The release of Confessions of a Captured Angel means a great deal to me because I really wanted to create a collection that exhibited what it means to adhere to the age-old adage of writing as if this might be a final time. Poetry is about the universal questions of life, death and love, and mainly the need to pay attention in living while one has the chance.”

Carpathios has already finished another full-length book of poems and has been accepted by a publisher and is set to be released early 2017. He has won numerous awards and recognition for many of his works throughout the years. Carpathios has taught at SSU for the 8 years in courses such as creative writing, literature, and modern and contemporary American poetry.

Confessions of a Captured Angel is currently available through Terrapin Books, or at Amazon (, or at Barnes and Nobles Bookstore or online (