Paving project underway

If you’ve driven through Portsmouth recently you’ve likely seen the miles of orange barrels on U.S. 52 East. Although it does not seem like much work has been completed, workers have been busy replacing sidewalks, ramps and curves.

Earlier this year the Ohio Department Of Transportation (ODOT) awarded a contract to Allard Excavation to complete a project on U.S. 52 as well as some work on the same road in West Portsmouth.

The project $1.28 million project calls for the paving of the U.S. 52 from the East corporation limit to the West cooperation limit of the city.

The project is being done in phases with one of the first phases calling for the replacement of curbs, ramps and sidewalks. She said pavement repairs were done late last week.

Kathleen Fuller, ODOT District 9 Spokeswoman said crews are getting ready to start another phase of the project, paving the roadway soon.

“The paving is not supposed to start until the third week of August. They get the pavement repairs done and then they do the milling, making some adjustments and additional repairs to the sub-base of the road (what’s under the pavement),” Fuller said.

Adjustments and repairs are also expected to occur on manholes and catch basins along the roadway.

“The paving is expected to get started the week of August 22,” Fuller said.

Some drivers have expressed some frustrations in not seeing many people working, while one lane of traffic is restricted. Fuller said the lane is restricted for a number of reasons.

“Contractors were working on the ramps, sidewalks and curbs. They’re not on the pavement, but it’s a requirement that they have to keep the restricted lane closed,” Fuller said.

She said the lane is closed for the safety of the workers and to allows crews the opportunity to move freely within the restricted area and space to bring in necessary equipment.

Associated with the project will be some traffic changes to U.S. 52 near the new SOMC facility.

“We will be paving a small segment around Careys Run (in West Portsmouth). We’re going to resurface and restripe 52, providing a better access from Careys Run to U.S. 52. There is going to be a different lane configuration there,” Kathleen Fuller ODOT District 9 Spokeswoman said.

She said the same changes will go into effect on the other side of the highway for better access to the SOMC Facility and park.

The project is anticipated to be completed in early fall.

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