Nicholls making an impact in 98th District

Lewis Nicholls, D, Representative for the 98th District, for the State of Kentucky.

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Lewis Nicholls -D, Representative for the 98th District, has not only been making progress but is simply — soaring, according to Greenup County Judge Executive, Robert Carpenter.

On March 8, 2016, Nicholls defeated his opponent Tony Quillen-R in the election to resume the seat of Tanya Pullin, 4,807 to 3,388. Greenup County Judge Executive Bobby Carpenter described Nicholl’s time in the Legislature thus far as, “Hitting the ground and running.”

“He has been great to work with. He hit the ground running when he got down there, and has helped me get a couple of things done that we needed to get done,” Carpenter said. “Everything that I can do to help him get elected is what I am willing to do.”

Succinctly, Carpeneter said Nicholls is an asset to have on board.

“He is really doing a great job. I have had a lot of his colleagues make comments to me that they really like him, and the way that he goes into details and explains things,” Carpenter said. “Especially information concerning the laws. He can dissect them and explain them to people. He is really good at that.”

From the time that he stepped into the Legislature until now, Nicholls said he has experienced progress.

“First I was over there for five weeks in the Legislature, and during that time I co-sponsored the AK Bill to help get or steel mill back up and running, and people to work,” Nicholls said. “I was instrumental in getting the funding that the Judiciary needed for it to stay operational.”

Looking into road repairs, particularly in Russell, Ky. and Flatwoods, Ky. have been areas of concentration.

“There was some funding for the viaduct in Russell, where the new bridge is, and they had scheduled that to begin in 2020, but when you take a look at it, and go over the railroad tracks, I don’t know that we have that kind of time,” Nicholls said. “So we were successful in getting that moved up to 2017. And also the time frame is the same thing for funding for the Industrial Parkway over in Flatwoods, there is a road 207 that goes over there and it is a real winding road and we were going to get that started in fiscal 2016, instead of 2020, originally in the bill. So, those are just some of the things that I have been successful in, in getting done. Right now I am attending a national Legislative Conference where I am trying to learn how to become a better Legislature, and learn about cutting edge things in the country, and certainly things that apply to Kentucky.”

Nicholls said he has continued to keep busy even those the Legislature session closed in April.

“Though the session closed in April, I am on five committees, and I have been attending as many meetings as I can possibly make,” Nicholls said. “I have two scheduled at the same time next week. In addition to that, the Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court wants me to serve on a Workforce Committee that I agreed to do. I have plenty to do. It is a good thing that I am retired, because I feel like I am employed full-time right now, in addition to trying to help take care of constituents that have different issues that arise, and I try answer every call and try to get back with them. I can’t solve every single problem, but I can sure point them in the right direction. So that is kind of what I have been doing here recently, and what I have been able to accomplish at the Legislature.

Nicholls said he is looking forward to campaigning for re-election in November. If elected, Nicholls will begin a two-year term in January as Representative of the 98th District.

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