“From Fear to Confidence” Annual Horse Camp

Submitted Photo

Youth participating in the annual youth camp.

The Time Out for Me youth program located at the 14th Street Community Center completed their 4 week “Fear to Confidence” annual horse camp program. The program focuses on moving from fear to confidence using a whole-brain strategy resulting in enthusiasm, increased memory, teamwork, and confidence as the youth use their natural senses to interact, learn, and have great fun. Being in nature is beneficial as it Is beautiful and calming with fewer distractions.

It is very exciting to see our youth teams volunteer and compete in assigned tasks in a which leads to increased self- confidence as they complete task and become more comfortable with riding. When asked how they felt at the end of our trip, common responses are “I feel amazing”, “my horse likes me”, “it feels good out here”.

This program was established and copyrighted in 2000 -2015 and is a success due to the continued cooperation and support of Southern Ohio Medical Center, Neal Hatcher, and Ben Thompson (Happy Trails).

For additional questions or to sign your youth or organization up for “Fear to Confidence” Whole-Brain Learning program with Time out for Me and Ben Thompson, contact Marcia Harris at 740 353 8056.