Kasich signs executive order

COLUMBUS – Governor John R. Kasich signed Executive Order 2016-04K.

Executive Order 2016-04K creates and implements a one-call emergency notification system for oil and gas related emergencies and allows the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Department of Commerce to immediately adopt administrative rules necessary to implement the system.

The one-call emergency notification system will allow multiple state entities to coordinate and respond to oil and gas related incidents in the quickest and most efficient manner possible to protect public health and safety. By creating a single point of contact, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Oil and Gas, the Department of Commerce’s Division of State Fire Marshal, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio will be able to rely on the expertise of trained staff to ensure that Ohio’s best technical experts are immediately mobilized to deal with an explosion, spill, fire or any other emergency arising out of the oil and gas production, transportation or delivery.