Husted recognizes businesses

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today announced the Ohio Business Profile Program will be featuring “businesses visited by presidents” throughout the month of July.

“It’s a Presidential Election year and there’s no state in the nation that’s more important to the outcome of the Presidential Election than Ohio,” Secretary Husted said. “Since 1964 no president has been elected without winning Ohio.”

“Many presidents and candidates visit popular local businesses that are doing interesting and innovative things to show Americans how connected they are to the Buckeye state,” Secretary Husted added. “These visits are a big honor and help put local businesses on the national stage.”

In January 2016, Secretary Husted announced that 2015 was Ohio’s sixth consecutive year of record business growth and Ohio set an all-time, one-month record in March 2016. Ohio has seen a 21.8 percent increase in the number of newly-registered businesses and a 24.4 percent drop in rejections from 2010 to 2015. This growth can largely be attributed to Secretary Husted’s efforts to provide better customer service to Ohio businesses by reducing the costs associated with registering a new business, ensuring faster processing time and launching online services at the Ohio Business Central.

In addition, Secretary Husted began a partnership with Google’s “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map” program in 2015. Ohio businesses now have easy access to free tools through Google when they apply to start a business online with the Secretary of State’s office and Ohio is now the least costly state in the region to start and maintain a new business. Learn more by reading Secretary Husted’s guest column in the Cincinnati Enquirer here.

Launched in June 2011, Ohio Business Profile has helped raise awareness about companies registered and doing business in Ohio that are creating interesting products, offering outstanding service, contributing to their local communities and employing Ohioans in the process. Each month, a handful of diverse businesses linked together by a common theme are featured on the Secretary of State’s website, where Ohioans are encouraged to submit companies they feel are deserving of recognition in future months.