McDonald’s helps Hope Fund

What does McDonald’s have in common with Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund? — Both set out to feed the hungry, and you can help.

Founded in 2006, the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund sets out to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged children in Scioto and surrounding counties by supplying basic needs and opportunities and fostering hope for their future. The primary focus is childhood hunger and it is addressed through Steven’s Power Pack Program, providing food for the weekend for elementary aged school children with financial needs.

The Portsmouth, Rosemount and Wheelersburg McDonald’s locations are raising funds for Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund. Patrons will have the opportunity to donate in both the drive-thru and in-stores between now and July 7.

Just $3 provides a power-pack to a child in need.

“This our second annual event with McDonald’s,” said Mark Hunter. “And we’re thrilled about it. It went great last year, Ray and I think it’s going to be even better this year.”

Last year, over $2,800 was raised. This year, they hope to raise $5,000.

“I try to make it a competition between the three stores,” said Ray Shonkwiler, the Manager of Portsmouth McDonald’s. “I’m a little competitive and my crew is competitive. The team that wins, will get a Subway party, which of course will be my team,” Shonkwiler joked.

The fundraiser will come to a close with a community superhero party on July 6 from 5 until 8 p.m. at the Portsmouth McDonald’s. In addition to the money raised through donations, 25% of all proceeds from the July 6 event will be donated. Be sure to stop in to meet superheros, enjoy treats and play fun games.

“The staff will be dressed like superheros, they’ll be face-paintings, color paging, balloons, treat bags and more,” said Hunter. “We just want to get the kids in here, and let the community know what we do. Some of the kids that come are recipients of the power-packs. We want them to know we care.”

Shonkwiler says his crew is already excited about the event, and they’re brainstorming ways to help.

“It brings the whole crew closer together, and it’s great to see them unite for this cause,” explained Shonkweiler. “They’re really looking forward to it and the Hunter’s have sort’ve adopted us into their family. It’s amazing.”

If you would like to contribute, stop by any area McDonald’s between now, and July 7.

For more information about the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund, you can visit their website at or by searching their Facebook page “Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund.”

You can also stay updated through by searching “Portsmouth Mc Donalds,” on Facebook.

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