Grants available to address mosquitos

In March Lawrence Scioto Solid Waste Management District Director Dan Palmer attended a Scrap Tire Management Summit. The summit was organized by the Organization of Solid Waste Districts of Ohio, in partnership with the County Commissioners Association of Ohio and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

One of the over reaching goals of the summit was to bring officials together from throughout the state to talk about scrap times and what can be done to address illegal dumping that’s occurring throughout the state.

Palmer said he came away from the summit with a lot of ideas, to help address the issue of tire dumping in Scioto and Lawrence Counties.

Since late last year the Lawrence Scioto Solid Waste Management District, has been involved in an awareness campaign, aimed at informing the communities about penalties of tire dumping.

As a part of the campaign Palmer visited with law enforcement agencies, scrap yards and many other places passing out posters, addressing the possible penalties that could be imposed if someone is caught dumping tires.

“I have been all over Scioto County hoping to hit everybody (with awareness posters) and the response has been good,” Palmer said. “Everyone from tire distributors, tire dealers, new car dealers to the police. state patrol and sheriff. Everyone has been very receptive.”

Part of the awareness campaign is educating the community on environmental laws, concerning tires.

At the summit Palmer was made aware of a grant being made available to local health departments, through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to mitigate the potential for an outbreak of mosquito borne viruses such as Zika, West Nile, and La Cross Encephalitis.

Palmer said one of the advantages of the grant, is to partner with solid waste management districts. Palmer said he’s been in conversations with the Portsmouth and Scioto County Health Department about partnering to receive this grant.

EPA grants can be used to address mosquito control measures, with first and second round funding applications due in March.

The Lawrence Scioto Solid Waste Management District can be reached at 740-532-1231.

Wayne Allen can be reached at 740-353-3101 ext. 1933 or @WayneAllenPDT on Twitter