Consultants hired to examine airport

The Southern Ohio Port Authority (SOPA) Board of Directors recntly heard from consultants hired to examine possible industrial opportunities around the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport in Minford.

Robert Ingram and Tucson Roberts are the consultants hired to explore possibilities at the airport.

One of the areas Ingram and Roberts work together in is aviation.

“We both have experience in recruiting companies, everybody that makes the planes, that make the parts for them to repair them to the engineering centers we’ve been involved in all of them,” Ingram said.

SOPA Executive Director Jason Kester had looked around Ohio for consultants that would examine the airport and the potential it has to target and recruit aerospace and aerospace related companies.

Ingram said he and Roberts will concentrate on aerospace, but will also be looking for other things based on their 75 years experience.

“Aviation is a very broad sector, it covers military, commercial, maintenance overhaul and repair, its R&D (Research and Development) and it’s space,” Roberts said. “When you talk about aerospace you’re talking about everything that fly’s. When you talk about aviation, you’re talking about everything that fly’s in the atmosphere. We’ll cover both of those topics.”

Roberts said the two will look at the area workforce, existing industries, they are going to look at comparable communities in the United States that Portsmouth could compete with.

“There are certain communities in the United States that have concentrations of aerospace. We’ll set out the advantages you (Scioto County) have over them and that makes it easy recruit. We’ll also identify the industries by name, that you should recruit, we will then put together a marketing plan on just how to do it,” Roberts said.

Roberts said with the completion of the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway, the Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport will be in a good place for possible development.

Roberts said their work will take roughly two and a half months to complete.

Once their work is complete, Ingram and Roberts will present their findings to SOPA.

The Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport Board and the Scioto County Commissioners are support the work on the study in various ways.

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