State Representative Terry Johnson Named Distinguished Legislator by Food Allergy Research and Education


State Representative Terry Johnson received the Distinguished Legislator award from Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) for his work on House Bill 296 from the 130th General Assembly. House Bill 296 permissively allows a school or school district to stock non-patient specific (available to anyone experiencing a severe allergic reaction) doses of epinephrine on the school grounds. The legislation allows, but does not require, a school district to adopt a protocol to maintain a stock of epinephrine and allow properly trained personnel to administer the emergency epinephrine to a student, staff member or visitors.

This law has already proven its worth. Two children in the Akron area suffered from life-threating allergic reactions this past school year. Both of the children were saved by a staff member who had medical training and was able to use the in stock epinephrine at the school.

“This award comes as a complete surprise, and I appreciate this recognition, but knowing that something I worked on has already saved a youngster’s life—well, that’s really what counts.”