Dzik published in Geography Online

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio – Shawnee State University’s Anthony Dzik, Ph.D., Professor of Geography, recently published his paper “Complementarity of Site and Situation: A Case Study of Kulusuk, East Greenland” in Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville’s online journal, Geography Online.

Professor Dzik’s paper focuses on dynamic factors in the origin, success, demise and adjustments of human settlements on Kulusuk Island in East Greenland over a period of 106 years. A once isolated island for the Inuit, Kulusuk was transformed by extrinsic factors to become the gateway to East Greenland. It became a place where vestiges of traditional Inuit lifestyles co-exist with the modern. Professor Dzik analyzed and examined interactions between site and situation as well as the introduction of tourism to present a regional study of the island and questions whether Kulusuk will remain a viable place in light of demographic changes, proposal from Nuuk and possible global warming.

Professor Dzik wrote this paper with his son, Vincent Dzik, a 2013 SSU Graduate.

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