Opperman works to address Rosemount Hill

A truck being pulled off of Rosemount Hill.

One of the ongoing frustrations of Scioto County Engineer Craig Opperman is that tractor-trailers continuing to or attempt to climb Rosemount Hill. More times than not the trucks that try to climb the hill can’t do it and get stuck.

To combat this ongoing issue Opperman and his crews placed signs at the base of the hill, on each side, warning trucks of the possibility of getting stuck.

Once the signs were in place, Opperman said trucks continued to attempt to climb the hill believing the signs did not apply to them.

Opperman said the reason trucks attempt to climb the hill is because their dispatch and GPS systems tell them, that’s the fastest route to travel.

Armed with this knowledge Opperman began to contact GPS companies and digital map services to have it corrected.

“I got a call for the fire department about the number of trucks getting stuck on the hill and one instance where they had to call HAZMAT,” Opperman said. “I called everybody I could possibly find. I called ODOT (Ohio Department Of Transportation), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, gps.gov lists the various companies you can go to, to identify with them what you see as a map issue. The companies only provide that (GPS) as a service and there is no government agency that oversees GPS routing.”

He said gps.gov is run by the National Coordination Office For Space Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing.

“Only way for anybody to contact them, GPS providers is through a complaint site,” Opperman said. “I’ve sent complaints to Google, Apple and any company of any consequence. I’ve physically contacted individuals at TomTom and Garmin, those are the two companies that deal with truck traffic. Most of them (trucks) have GPS units and from what I’m hearing most of the trucks going across this hill do not have GPS units, they are using their phones.”

In contacting the various companies, Opperman and his staff have sent pictures of trucks stuck on the hill and pictures of signs alerting truck drivers about the hill.

“We’ve went to a lot of effort to address this, we’re working with the prosecutor’s office to possibly get better enforcement to get the message out there,” Opperman said.

He said the message would be if you attempt to cross Rosemount Hill and fail, causing delays in traffic or accidents you will be cited.

Opperman said his office has done just about all they can do to address this issue.

“Other than having someone stand out there flagging down all of the trucks, we’re doing all we can,” Opperman said.

For more information about the office of Scioto County Engineer visit www.sciotocountyengineer.org.

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