D&D contract to expire Monday

Crews set the first of four “cold boxes” at a feed facility at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. The cold boxes are used in the process to transfer Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6) gas from heavy-heel cylinders into new UF6 cylinders. This enhanced process improves the efficiency and output of recovered UF6 in a uranium barter program that supports cleanup funding.

The Fluor-BWXT Portsmouths contract with the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to conduct Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) work at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon, is set to expire on Monday.

Officials with the project are confident another contract will be signed by Monday to avoid any disruptions in work.

On Tuesday, Dennis Carr, Fluor-B&W Site Project Director, gave a quarterly update on the D&D activities at the plant to the Scioto County Commissioners.

“We’re in the final stages of negotiating an extension to the contract. It would be a 30 month extension and an option for another 30 months, that’s already priced out,” Carr said. “I see no reason why that deal would not be sealed by Monday, because the differences between the two (contracts) are not that significant right now.”

He said either way there will be a contract in place to continue work, the only question would be, if that’s been fully negotiated or not.

When Fluor-B&W was awarded the initial contract it was valued at $2 billion dollars over 10 years.

One of the stipulations of the D&D contract was the formation of a Community Commitment Plan. Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth has developed such a plan and has been activity pursuing the plans objectives.

The commitment plan states Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth will invest five percent of its fee in a four-county region (Scioto, Pike, Jackson and Ross counties.)

“We will use these funds to establish a community commitment fund. Through this fund, we will target 80 percent to economic development and 20 percent to charitable giving initiatives that provide the greatest impact to the region,” the plan outlines.

According to a community commitment dashboard provided by Fluor-BWXT, from 2011 to January 2016 there has been $303.5 million spent in regional spending.

From 2011 to January 2016 there has been $2.41 million spent. Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth employees have volunteered 33,510 hours within a four county region.

“One of our (Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth) roles in executing the Portsmouth D&D Mission is to be a strong corporate citizen by investing in the socio-economic health of the community. Through community partnerships, we will link today’s D&D project with tomorrow’s future use of the Portsmouth site to ensure the region’s economy is stronger than it was upon or arrival,” the community commitment plan states.

Carr said the Community Commitment plan would remain in place, with the new contract.

In total Fluor-BWXT Community Commitment Fund and associated activities $307.3 million has been spend with 26,505 people reached.

For more information about Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth visit, www.fbportsmouth.com.

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