Life Medical Response Donates items for a Spring Fundraiser

Life Medical Response Donates items to Lost and Found Pets Scioto County for a Spring Fundraiser in the works. The items will be sold to raise funds for pets in need.

Lost and Found Pets Scioto County was founded by Janie Jenkins Hiles. Janie is an avid pet lover solely looking out for the health and safety of animals in this area. Janie along with many volunteers from surrounding counties, help keep the lost and abandoned pets safe and in foster care until their owners are located or they just need a new loving family. This group of rescuers took off when Janie created a Facebook page titled Lost and Found Pets Scioto County. How this works, if a pet is missing, seen wandering around lost and hungry or endanger, a picture is taken of the animal along with the area they are spotted, posted to the site immediately. At this point this is where the magic begins. Volunteers from that area begin to search and get the animal to safety even if it needs immediate vet care, food or just a warm home. Animals are picked up off the site of the road hurt quite often. The volunteers also retrieve pregnant dogs, mothers and puppies in abandoned places needing rescued. Lost and Found Pets recued over 500 animals in 2015. In the picture above is the most recent rescue this month of a dog in a life and death situation, the dog was spotted wandering around for days starving and in pain. Someone posted it to the site and immediately group members received the notification and were on the way to try and save the dog by getting it to emergency vet care. A caring lady stepped up and took responsibly for the vet bill and gave the dog a loving home, while nursing him back to health. Many times this has happened stated Stephanie Wright and Wendy Williams being involved with this rescue. Without a doubt this is the most wonderful feeling being part of a group to save an animal that is helpless, neglected or abused. Lost and Found Pets of Scioto County operates solely on donations. Food a month can be over $300.00 not counting all the emergency vet visits along with all the shots needed for puppies. With their 501c in place Janie along with the group members will be planning many fundraisers to keep helping the pets. They can certainly use more volunteers such a foster homes, along with people just searching and transporting the animals to a safe place. Dog food, cleaning supplies and monetary donations are greatly appreciated to be prepared for visits to the veterinarian. For more information how you can help please contact Janie Jenkins Hiles 740-259-3421.