Waugh wins eighth award

Mary Waugh, PE Teacher at New Boston Elementary is pictured with her award and some flowers along with Christina Deve New Boston Elementary along with McDonald’s of Portsmouth Management.

Officials with New Boston Elementary gathered at Portsmouth McDonald’s on Tuesday morning as Mary Waugh accepted the McDonald’s Balance, Active Lifestyle Grant for the eighth time.

Waugh said the grant will aid in a running program she’s established in her Physical Education (PE) Classes at the school.

“To help students stay motivated with the Mighty Milers running program I’ve implemented a game called, The License Plate Game. This game integrates social studies and math into the running program and into the PE classroom,” Waugh said.

She said the games is similar to the game played while traveling in a car, but instead of spotting license plates students are working together to collect license plates through running.

“The goal is to collect all 50 license plates by the end of the school year,” Waugh said. “To collect plate students must run a certain amount of miles. Each state is given a number of miles needed to collect that plate, for example, to collect a license plate for the state of Alaska students in Kindergarten thru 6th Grade will need to run a combined total of 300 miles.”

The number of miles needed for each state depends on its size, the larger the state the more miles needed.

“To collect all 50 plates, students will have to run a combined total of 6,725 miles by the end of the school year. The total is equivalent to the miles for our school goal for the Mighty Milers Program,” Waugh said.

There is a display of the current state, students are striving for will be on display along with facts about the state. Once the goal is achieved another plate is displayed.

All of the plates collected are displayed within the school for all to see. Displayed along with the collected plates is a map of the United States, once a plate is achieved the state is colored in on the map. This practice will continue until the students reach all 50 states.

Ray Shonkwiler, General Manager of Portsmouth McDonald’s said he was very excited for Waugh and the amount of times she’s received the award.

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