Births at SOMC

December 21

Kea Lee and Brett Williams of Piketon, daughter

Barry Hall and Samantha Wright of Lucasville, son

December 22

Kalah and Justin Burton of McDermott, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Chelsie Farmer of Piketon, son

December 23

Dave and Raven Dyer of Portsmouth, son

December 25

Christy Mountjoy and Joshua Page of Peebles, son

Hayley Grooms and Leroy Grooms of West Union, son

December 28

Jonathon Evans and Brittney Allgood of McDermott, daughter

December 29

Steven and Vanessa Seidel of Portsmouth, son

Aaron and Laura Bray of Portsmouth, daughter

December 30

Justin Mingus and Jessica Crace of New Boston, daughter

Sarah Drake of Portsmouth, daughter

Chelsee Cartee and Terry Ramsey of Wheelersburg, son

Kristy and Greg Collins of Portsmouth, daughter

Mrugesh Desai and Khushbu Desai of Portsmouth, daughter

December 31

Adam and Amy Reeder of Wheelersburg, daughter

Timathy Spradlin and Kaylee Beekman of Peebles, son

Daniel Jones and Mariah Spriggs of Lucasville, daughter

Blaine Perry and Adrianna Martinez of West Portsmouth, son

January 1

Hannah Branham and Cody Branham of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

Chrystian Cantrell and James Miller of Portsmouth, daughter

January 3

Brandon Lumpkins and Tiffany Middleton of Minford, son

Trista Carver of Franklin Furnace, daughter

Keely and Bryan Taylor of Portsmouth, daughter

January 4

Keeli Hopkins and Brandon Reinhardt of Minford, son

Steven and Tiffany Harris of Portsmouth, daughter

Nathosha Blanton and Josh Frye of West Portsmouth, son

Marianne and Andrew Large of Portsmouth, son

Laura Bih Formambuh of Wheelersburg, daughter

Jessica Emberling and Shawn Vaughters of Waverly, daughter

January 5

Brent Smith and Julie Pyles of Wheelersburg, son

Jordyn Pennington and Daulton Kenyon of Minford, son

Mr. and Mrs. Maggie Bach of McDermott, daughter

Matt Jordan and Courtney Louk of Portsmouth, daughter

January 6

Mr. and Mrs. Austin and Kelli Griffitts of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

Jeremy and Amber Rice of South Shore (Ky.), son

January 7

Reece and Phyllis Caseman of Portsmouth, daughter

Mary Grooms of Franklin Furnace, daughter

January 8

Ron and Sara Otworth of West Portsmouth, son

Brooklyn Crabtree and Cody Hargett of Oak Hill, daughter

Tonya and Curtis Brewer of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Victoria Chaney and Steven Frazier of Latham, daughter

January 9

James Tong and Crystal Fletcher of Cynthiana, son

Christopher Risner and Brittany Young of Beaver, son