PUCO 2015 end of year review


Dear Ohioans:

As another year comes to an end and we welcome the coming new year, please allow me to take a moment to highlight the important work that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) accomplished this year and offer you a preview of things to come in 2016.

I specifically want to highlight how the PUCO Call Center continues to help Ohio consumers. As outlined in the End of Year Review, the PUCO Call Center helped to save Ohio’s regulated utility consumers more than $790,000 in 2015.

Additionally, the work of the PUCO motor carrier safety inspectors is worth highlighting. Throughout 2015, PUCO motor carrier safety inspectors completed thousands of inspections and audits — ensuring that Ohio’s highways remain safe.

I am incredibly proud of the work that has been accomplished by the PUCO throughout this year and invite you to read the PUCO End of Year Review. With such a successful year in 2015, we have a lot to aspire to in 2016 and I am confident the coming year will be successful as well.

The PUCO is committed to ensuring that Ohioans benefit from generation resources that are reliable and cost effective. It is important to understand that tomorrow’s electric grid looks and operates much differently than today’s, which was designed more than 100 years ago. The modernized grid will place consumers at the forefront providing opportunities for increased engagement, and will allow for utilities and providers of other services to realize enhanced value.

In 2016, the PUCO will be seeking input from our stakeholder community as to how it can develop the most effective regulatory framework to support a modernized grid.

Ensuring that Ohioans continue to have access to competitively priced retail energy services continues to be a priority for the PUCO. Competitive retail electric service providers will play a significant role in the modernized grid by engaging consumers. The PUCO will explore how to provide the most flexible regulatory framework where competitive retail electric service providers will be empowered to most effectively engage their consumers.

We are looking to develop a regulatory framework where the goal is to enhance value and encourage consumer engagement.

I look forward to what is to come in the new year and thank you for your contributions to the successes achieved by the PUCO throughout this year.

See you in the new year!