Traffic Advisory: Changes, enhancements at AA Highway, Grayson spur in Lewis County

Contractors for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are installing new traffic delineators today at the AA Highway (KY 9-KY 10) and AA Grayson Spur (KY 9) intersection east of Vanceburg.

The reflective delineator posts are being placed on the AA Highway’s main line to separate westbound through traffic headed toward Vanceburg from the Grayson spur traffic turning left toward Vanceburg. The reflectors, along with new right and left turn lanes previously marked at the intersection, provide dedicated lanes for each traffic movement.

Also, the reflective posts will face traffic approaching from the Grayson spur, thereby providing an additional visual cue for traffic to stop at the AA Highway intersection.

The measures are aimed at reducing the risk of collisions by separating different types of traffic movement and by providing clearer directions to drivers. Once delineator installation is complete, the following traffic patterns will be in place:

Westbound AA Highway (KY 10) vehicles from Garrison to Vanceburg should stay in the right lane. The reflective posts will be on the driver’s left as they pass the Grayson spur intersection, and the driver may continue in the right lane or merge left after the intersection when that lane is clear.

Westbound AA Highway (KY 10) vehicles from Garrison to Grayson should use the left-turn lane to access the AA Grayson Spur when traffic is clear.

Eastbound AA Highway (KY 9) traffic from Vanceburg may use either of the two continuous lanes to proceed toward Garrison or merge right into the new right-turn lane to access the AA Grayson spur.

AA Grayson Spur (KY 9) traffic from Grayson to Garrison may use the right turn lane to access eastbound AA Highway after stopping at the intersection and after approaching traffic clears.

AA Grayson Spur (KY 9) traffic from Grayson to Vanceburg may use the left turn lane to access westbound AA Highway after stopping. When traffic is clear, drivers will turn left and stay left of the reflective posts to access the AA Highway’s left lane toward Vanceburg. Drivers may continue in the left lane or merge right when that lane is clear.

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