Births at SOMC

December 7

Sami Dunlap and Jack Dunlap III of Wheelersburg, son

Zach and Carrie McCaw of West Union, daughter

Megan and Jacob Spillman of Piketon, daughter

December 8

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis Jr. of Wheelersburg, son

Bobbi and Chandler Davis of Portsmouth, daughter

Jimmy and Jennifer Velazquez of Minford, son

December 9

Jordan Cooper and Jonathan Clark of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Michael and Breanna Applegate of Tollesboro (Ky.), son

Alison Blackburn of Portsmouth, daughter

Rebecca McClary and Alex Jordan of Portsmouth, daughter

December 10

Megan Evans and Justin Varney of Otway, daughter

Justin and Miranda Walk of Minford, son

Erica and Adonis Ginn of Garrison (Ky.), son

Dasha and Rickey Swords of Wheelersburg, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler and Katelyn Cantrell of Chillicothe, daughter

Hollie and Yaluit Granados of Portsmouth, daughter

December 11

Travis and Lacey Patton of Garrison (Ky.), son

Emily and Scott Powell of Portsmouth, daughter

Jeremy and Ashley Fox of Manchester, daughter

Keith Stepp and Krashawna Jones of Wheelersburg, son

December 12

Brittany Campbell of Waverly, son

Gilva Blevins and Brandon Ward of Blue Creek, son

Whitney Anderson and James E. Loper III of Lucasville, son

December 13

Heather Gillespie and Ted Johnson of Portsmouth, daughter

Richard and Devin Janita of Portsmouth, daughter

December 14

Erica Lunsford of Portsmouth, son

Kasie and Cody Leightenheimer of Portsmouth, daughter

December 15

Leah Evans of Wheelersburg, twin sons

December 16

Brittany Walters and Irvan Schoolcraft Jr. of Waverly, son

Josh Campbell and Davonna Campbell of Piketon, daughter

December 17

Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Amanda Kissinger of Grayson (Ky.), son

David and Amber Kirtzwiser of Portsmouth, daughter

Jordan Sorrell and Haylie Musser of Wheelersburg, daughter

Ronnie Jones Jr. and Aeriel Binder of Portsmouth, daughter

December 18

Kayla Tackett and Marvin Tackett of Waverly, daughter

Craig and Brooke Galloway of Wellston, son

December 21

Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Ashlie Lewis of Portsmouth, daughter