Science Fair Winners

Grand Champion: Rohit Kataria Electrolyte Enigma

5th Grade: ​(pictured L-R)​ ​1st Place – Alexis Gilliland Are You a Super Taster, 2nd Place – Beau Castaneda The Naked Egg, 3rd Place – Emily Janney What is on My Desk; 4th Place – Drew Willis Does Light Really Matter; 5th Place – Kyra Warren Building Crystals​.

6th Grade: ​(pictured L-R)​ ​ 1st Place – Serena Kataria Melting Mystery, 2nd Place – Rachel Davenport Can You Taste the Difference; 3rd Place – Ava Dixon Will it Rot; 5th Place – Hannah Arthur Rotten Teeth Rethink What You Drink. ​ ​ 4th Place – Trey Walton Out of the Garbage Can & Into Your Body.

7th & 8th Grade: ​ (pictured L-R)​ 1st Place – Aidan Wright Drinks that Cause Inflation, 2nd Place – Eric Green Power of Packaging, 3rd Place – Aaron Jolly Influence of Rest on Cardiovascular Improvement, 5th Place – Billy Bagnall How Healthy are Different Water Types?, 4th Place – Justin Janney Is it Safe for Me to Swim in a Pond? ​​ ​Honorable Mention: Sam Hawk & Mina Bussa

Science Fair Winners for Wheelersburg Middle School. Results from the Dec. 1 event were: